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SCREAM ’09: Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter on ‘Dexter’, More!

One of my favorite shows on TV is Showtime’s “Dexter”, which is just getting into its fourth murderous season. While on the red carpet for the 2009 pike Scream Awards (airing Tuesday, October 27 at 10:00PM ET/PT) we caught up with stars Jennifer Carpenter and Julie Benz who reveal some interesting bits on what’s to come. In addition, Benz shares nothing but love for director Troy Duffy (who you might know as the infamous man behind Boondock Saints and the cruel subject of the documentary Overnight), and Jennifer Carpenter talks Quarantine 2 and The Factory. Loads of conversation awaits you!We were lucky enough to catch “Dexter” star Julie Benz on the red carpet for a quick chat about everyone’s favorite serial killer.

“Four years, are you sick of talking “Dexter”?”

Are you are sick of talking about Dexter?” Benz jokes.

“No! I Love it!”

Me too!

“So, did you get to work with Jonathan Lithgow?

I never actually get to work with him, I get to sit next to him at table reads though. He’s a great guy, so sweet,” adding that Rita’s life still takes a turn for the worse. “At the beginning of the season we see Rita really having everything she wants in her life and it slowly gets chipped away.” She also confirms a fifth season will in fact happen, “We definitely have one more after this season.

Switching subjects, while we won’t be seeing Julie in Lionsgate’s SAW VI next week, she did exclaim, “I would love to return, in a flash back for SAW. Tell the producers!

While she doesn’t have any horror coming up, she tells us that she’ll be starring in the forthcoming release of BOONDOCK SAINTS II.

I have BOONDOCK SAINTS 2: ALL SAINTA DAY coming out October 31.

“Were you aware of the Troy Duffy controversy?” (referring to the film OVERNIGHT)

I actually had no clue,” she says genuinely.

“But you know it now?”

I know it now…

“How was it working with him? He’s a great filmmaker…”

He’s really great, I’m gonna say this about him, everybody that was in the first one signed on to do the second one without ANY question, including crew. That just shows you that what you saw in the documentary (OVERNIGHT) is edited to make him look bad,” she explains in a serious tone. “He has a larger than life personality, he does direct – you have to get over the ‘just go out and fucking do it, go out there and fucking do it!’ (laughs). He’s a true visionary and knows exactly what he wants. He has the entire movie done in his head already. It’s very cool the visuals he creates, and he gives you great direction.

Once Benz exited, we grabbed Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter’s sister in the Showtime series.

We just wrapped, four seasons in and to be this excited every Sunday night, it’s great!’ she screams with enthusiasm adding that she was so dedicated she woke up just to see them film the finale. “They shot the finale, the last scene, at 1:30am on Tuesday. I got out of bed and went there to watch it because no one knew what was happening because they kept the pages.

“Did you get to work with Lithgow?” I ask.

In a round about away, I’m being as vague as possible, it’s too good to ruin,” she teases. “He’s amazing, he’s a conceited monster and then a millisecond later he’s a little boy you want to pick up and comfort. It’s really effective.

As most of you know, I’ve seen REC 2 (major spoiler warning) and a surprise is that Angela survives and is a huge part of the sequel. I asked Jennifer about this and if she’d return if QUARANTINE 2 was a direct remake of REC 2.

I would read it, I read everything, but I dunno. I liked that with the movie you feel that everybody dies, that was one of the things I liked about it, it never happens,” adding, “They don’t need to do a sequel.

Before she was whisked away for the evening, she gave me a small plot point of TH FACTORY, the Dark Castle/Warner Bros. horror thriller she stars in. “ I play Emma and I’m hunting a serial killer with John Cusak. There’s a wild, twisted, unzip of everything, it’s crazy.

The film is slated for release on January 28, 2011. “Dexter” can be seen every Sunday on Showtime.



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