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A Clip from Scott Goldberg’s ‘Mr. Mullen’

This morning we got our hands on a clip from Scott Goldberg’s latest indoe project, Mr. Mullen, a film about the crash of the economy and the corruption that comes from behind the scenes with big business corporations and the Federal Reserve. In the film Chris Mitchell, a man who has worked hard his whole life loses his life savings and his job due to government corruption. He targets Senator Edward D. Mullen, a man who was is responsible for Chris’ lost life savings. Not able to take it anymore, Chris seeks revenge on Edward and his family. The pic features Friday the 13th Part 3 veteran actor Paul Kratka, Robert Youngren, Chris Margaritis, Jennifer Baltusis, Cynthia Luk, Kelly Karavites, Danielle Anzelone and Liz Walsh, and is scheduled to be released online in mid-November 2009.Watch this spot for updates:

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