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News Bites: ‘Clash of the Titans’ 3D, Danny Boyle’s ‘Frankenstein’, Cloe on ‘Let Me In’ and more

The news has been way out of control this entire week and I’m sick of pushing kickass stories off the front page for some little blurbs that are barely newsworthy. So here’s our latest News Bites, with info on Clash of the Titans potentially going 3D, Cloe Moretz talking vamps in Let Me In and Danny Boyle heading back to the stage with “Frankenstein”. Watch for more stories as they come in.A MASSIVE CLASH IN 3D?

If it wasn’t SHOT for 3D, then isn’t it just fake 3D?

Warner Bros. will decide in the next 10 days whether to release Louis Leterrier’s remake of action fantasy Clash of the Titans in 3D, reports Heat Vision.

Warners has ordered a 3D test of the film — set for release on March 26 — and will screen the converted scenes next week before deciding whether to make the move. Studios across Hollywood are looking into possible 3D conversions in the aftermath of the big boxoffice bonanza called “Avatar.” The word from a studio insider on the prospect of securing thousands of 3D screens for “Titans”: “No problem.”


According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later) is to return to the theatre, after being “distracted by film-making” for 15 years, to stage a new adaptation of Frankenstein, it was announced today.

Sir Nicholas Hytner, the newly knighted director of the National Theatre, revealed that Boyle will make his debut at the respected venue directing Nick Dear’s play, based on the novel by Mary Shelley.

Boyle, who was the toast of the Oscars last year for his film Slumdog Millionaire, will direct the play later this year.

Dear’s adaptation of the celebrated gothic novel is “entirely new” and Sir Nicholas revealed that the Slumdog and Trainspotting director plans to make a “large-scale and theatrically and visually ambitious stage production”.

More here.


Here are some bits from Chloe Moretz about her role in Overture Films’ Let Me In, their forthcoming remake of Let the Right One In (in theaters October 1), “It’s about a boy who lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Growing up, not many people like him, he’s not popular. He’s wimpy, kind of an outcast. Then this girl moves in, she’s totally different,” she tels MTV of the role. “She doesn’t wear shoes, wears raggedy clothes — it’s sort of like “Romeo and Juliet” with vampires. She can’t be with him, because she’s a vampire. But they fall in love; it’s a really sweet coming-of-age story between a little boy and a little girl.

Speaking of what type of vampires we’ll see in the film, “[Our vampires] aren’t very glamorous,” she explains. “It’s a very sad and heavy burden to have; it’s not easy to live. You need blood to live, and that’s not an easy thing to go through. [My character, Abby] has to kill for it. She’s a very sweet, loving person. And that’s why I relate to the character — she’s a beast, it’s a demon inside of her and she can’t stop it from coming out … when I turn into a vampire, it’s terrifying.


While we sit around and wonder where the f*ck Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein’s Shelter is, below you can check out the internationl one sheets for the film starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Myers.

The film follows a female forensic psychiatrist who specializes in debunking multiple personality disorder. When she discovers that her latest patient’s various personalities are all murder victims, she struggles to find a logical explanation for the man’s delusion.


An official website has been launched for Michael Phillip Edwards’ C.L.A.S.S., which stars Tom Sizemore, Paige La Pierre, Randy Irwin, Sam Daly, Jasmine Waltz, Dante Basco, Jamison Haase.

Here’s a LONG synopsis: “When a brilliant female law student Fiona Reid signs up for Professor Mark Sloan’s criminology class, she quickly realizes she has signed on for more than what she bargained for. Fiona discovers there’s more than theory behind the good professor’s seemingly masterful way of getting into the heads of the criminals being studied.

“How does he know those details?”

“Why does he refer to mass murderers as ‘artists’?”

Within days of Fiona joining the class, a series of sickeningly violent random killings rise up striking fear in the hearts of the local college town student body. The Sheriff believes a mass murderer has come to town.

With a passion for solving crime, fueled by the unsolved murder of her father’s death at the hands of a mass murderer days before she was born, Fiona sets about the task of catching the town’s new mass murderer. She is surprised, however, to receive assistance from the mysterious Professor Sloan; He calls her at all hours with clues and missing elements of the crime. He speaks to her in code from the podium, pointing her in the necessary direction to either move closer to the killers capture or to avoid being the killer’s next victim.

As the murder victims in town grow less and less random and more and more closely connected to Fiona’s own life, she starts to suspect those around her.

With a surprise ending no one will see coming, the twists never seem to stop in this shocking dark thriller.

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