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80’s Homage in ‘Die Sluts Die!’



MAD Z Productions is pleased to announce that it has tapped up-and-coming scream queen Devanny Pinn, the ‘Horror Barbie’, for the lead role in their upcoming feature length horror film Die Sluts Die! Funding is also currently being sought for the project, which hopes to begin filming in late summer 2010.

Barbara Steele Dark ShadowsDie Sluts Die! is an over-the-top homage to 80’s slasher fare with a difference, pitting a tale of sexual intrigue and weekend hedonism against a violent and bloody dead teens-in-the-woods backdrop. A group of recent high school graduates head out into the woods for a weekend of sex, drugs and booze-drenched debauchery only to meet their maker at the hands of a demented killer who uses anything from axes to sex toys in a non-stop orgy of eye-popping slaughter. Part pitch black comedy, part body count horror, Die Sluts Die! fuses the narrative structure of the Friday the 13th movies with the caustic wit of Heathers and the gory, anarchic insanity of cult classics like Re-Animator, Street Trash, Cabin Fever and The Evil Dead.

Pinn (15 til Midnight) will essay the lead role of Jenna, a virginal cutie whose coy vow of chastity and suspiciously close friendship with the androgynous, punk-rock hellraiser Rachel causes no end of frustration for her boyfriend Drew. Will Drew be able to survive the systematic butchery of his friends long enough to seal the deal with Jenna, or will he die trying?

Die Sluts Die! was written and will be directed by Dave Zagorski, who’s also producing alongside Johnny Donaldson and Bob Savage. Zagorski previously wrote the screenplay for the 2004 Ron Jeremy-starring zombie film The Wickeds; he is also the creator of the online serial drama ‘Without You.’


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