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First Look at ‘Devil’s Playground’



London-based film finance and international sales company, Intandem Films has picked up worldwide rights to the thriller DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND. The film, written by Bart Ruspoli stars Danny Dyer (Severance, Adulthood, Straightheads, The Business, Football Factory, Doghouse), Craig Fairbrass (The Bank Job, Far Cry, White Noise 2), Jaime Murray (“Dexter”), Myanna Buring (The Descent, The Descent 2, Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Omen) and Colin Salmon (Punisher, Alien vs Predator, Resident Evil, Tomorrow Never Dies, Exam). Directed by Mark McQueen with Freddie Hutton-Mills and Jonathan Sothcott producing, the film has Suki Dulai, Martin Halls and Gary Smith of Intandem Films attached as Executive Producers.

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND is a chilling horror film set in London in the not too distant future. A leading drug company’s new product has failed spectacularly causing severe illness in all 30,000 of its test subjects, with the exception of one user – a pregnant woman named Angela. As the drugs flow through their bloodstream the victims become infected, incredibly violent and unable to feel pain. One bite and you join them in the Living Dead. The company employs Cole, an ex-mercenary to hunt down Angela and find out why she is immune. As Cole stalks through the London streets and battles the fast-moving, diseased hordes, he finally finds Angela with a group of survivors and discovers that their only hope of getting out alive is to fight their way to the last remaining helicopter out.

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND commenced principal photography in late 2009 and is currently in the final stages of post-production.

Producer Freddie Hutton-Mills claims: “As we were making the film, we really felt that we were meshing a number of different audiences into one and giving each one everything they’d expect – plus a bit extra. The idea of using free-runners as the quick and acrobatic zombies, combined with Danny Dyer in the lead, all piggy-backed off an already established genre. We think we have a mix that will excite the audience and definitely cause a few ripples.

Billy Hurman of Intandem Films further mentioned, “It is a real thrill to be working on such a unique project. It’s easy to think a free-running zombie film like this could be a gratuitous horror gore-fest, but we all felt that the script had much more to offer. We saw an emotional story with well-developed characters that you really want to see get through the impending doom. It is also a pleasure to be working with such a great team and with a cast that has a real value in this successful genre.

Director Mark McQueen remarked: “DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND is a story following a man with a dark past on a mission of redemption to find something he can do to repent all of his previous sins. When an outbreak of a fatal infection happens at the company where he was head of security – a company he had tortured, killed and stolen for to benefit them – the opportunity to do good for once arises. That opportunity is to find and save the one person who holds the cure for the expanding outbreak that is turning people into these wild infected beings.

Additional genre titles recently picked up by Intandem includes Neil Marshall’s THE GHOST OF SLAUGHTERFORD.


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