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New Rrailers for Brett Piper’s ‘Muckman’ and Schnaas/Rose’s ‘Violent Sh*t 4.0’

It’s trailer time, fellas, and if you’re into blood-curdling indie filmmaking, you surely don’t wanna miss the brand new teasers to two of this year’s mostly anticipated low-budget epics: Brett Piper’s Muckman and Schnaas/Rose’s Violent Sh*t 4.0. Watch ’em below!

First of all, cult film veterans Brett Piper (SHOCK-O-RAMA) and Mark Polonia (SPLATTER BEACH) have finally released the first official footage from their new terror-from-the-swamps collaboration MUCKMAN… be prepared for a total throwback into the early days of monster movies, compeltely with rubbersuits, stop motion animation, handcrafted effects, tongue-in-the-cheek humor and a good dose of bare skin! Those of you who’ve followed Brett’s column “Diary Of A Muckman” here on will surely know what to expect when Muckie finally makes his way to the surface!

And secondly, there’s the official trailer for the long-awaited 4th installment of Germany’s most infamous splatter flick series, VIOLENT SHIT. This time, VS-creator Andreas Schnaas (DON’T WAKE THE DEAD) has teamed up with fellow splatter maven Timo Rose (BARRICADE) to wrap the whole planet in carnage and destruction, when the deranged killing-machine Karl The Butcher crawls out of hell and teams up with a hatchet-wielding madman named Axe to show the world once and for all who’s the most vicious and bloodthirsty tag team of all freakin’ time… take good care of your heads, my friends, cause VIOLENT SHIT 4.0 – KARL THE BUTCHER VS AXE is about crush ‘em like rotten grapefruits…



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