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Theatrical Trailer for ‘The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond’

Arriving in limited theaters on April 9th is Gabriel Bologna’s Jumanji-esque horror flick The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond, which features the genre heavy cast of Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), James Duval (Donnie Darko), Arcadiy Golubovich, Electra Avellan (Grindhouse), Elise Avellan (Grindhouse), Danielle Harris (Halloween) and Nick Mennell (Halloween). While a few TV Spots have already leaked, below you’ll now find the official theatrical trailer. While on holiday, nine close friends discover a long—hidden, archaic board game in a stately Victorian home on a remote island in Maine. By playing the game, they unleash an ancient evil that brings out the worst in each of them. Rage, jealousy, greed, hatred, and lust boil over and, over the course of one terrifying night, the friends start to turn on each other in a deadly way.



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