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Casting, Synopsis and More ‘Don’t Look in the Basement’ Remake Details!

We’ve got a massive update for Josh Vargas’ Don’t Look in the Basement remake, which will be filmed this coming July in Tehuacana, TX at the same location as the original!

Starring Brooke Lewis (iMurders, Dahmer vs Gacy), Kelli Maroney (Chopping Mall, Night Of The Comet, Fast Times At Ridgemount High), Kristen Hall (Sweatshop, Possum Walk), Tyler Tackett (Possum Walk, Renfield The Undead) and Parrish Randall, below you’ll find the official synopsis, along with some statements from Vargas and the producers. Here’s the plot crunch:

Young nurse, Charlotte Beale, arrives at the “Stevens Sanitarium and home for the mentally ill” after accepting a job offer from the Sanitarium’s head doctor, Dr. Roy Stevens, who is known for his unorthidoxed methods of treating the mentally insane. Upon arrival, she is greated with a stunning revelation; Dr. Stevens and the majority of the staff has been murdered by one of the patients, and the Sanitarium itself is on the brink of takeover. The only remaining staff member, Dr. Geraldine Masters, has resumed control of the Sanitarium, but can hardley remain control of the patients, who are all forgotten members of society deemed “hopelessly” damaged psychologically. Willing to assist Dr. Masters with the task of keeping the patients under control, she begins to get to know each of the patients, and grows particularly fond of a child-like man named, Sam.

As she continues to befriend, Sam, strange things begin to occur and Charlotte soon realizes things may not be as the appear, and the sense of grave danger becomes imminate.

Director Josh Vargas had this to say:

I’m very proud to have the opportunity to remake this film, which is one I’ve loved for many years,” he tels BD. “Burt and Parrish have completely KILLED as Producers and, not only do they have the utmost respect for the original Brownrigg classic, but they have busted their asses to put a cast in front of me that even exceeded my expectations. We will be annnoucing more of our cast as early as next week, and believe me when I say we haven’t blown our “casting load” yet. There will be some VERY COOL news announced that I think horror fans are really going to dig. We’re not gonna let you guys down, I promise!

Producer Burton Bailey adds, “No less than a complete thrill for himself and his team to be engaging in the telling of yet another Texas terror tale with a cast that includes Kelli, Brooke, Parrish, Tyler Tackett and Kristen Hall… and with even more legendary horror names still to be announced in future casting news.” With Josh, Parrish, everyone at Horrorphile and our cast, both those announced here and those yet to be announced, we plan to let it rip this summer in a Texas basement that SF Brownrigg warned you to never look into many years ago! But true to all good horror films, we never heed warnings…now do we?

Producer and actor Parrish Randall concludes, “It is indeed an honor to have the opportunity to bring to the screen the forceful talents of two great ladies of cinema, Kelli Maroney and Brooke Lewis. I have known both of these actresses for quite a while…and admired their work on screen for much longer! Kelli, who hit home runs in films such as “Chopping Mall”, “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and “The Zero Boys”, Brooke who gave super performances in the features “Kinky Killers”, “I-Murders” and “Dahmer Vs Gacy.”



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