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RKO Acquiring Hitchcock’ian Thriller ‘The Architect’

After going out to various studios back in February, Production Weekly is reporting that RKO is in negotiations to pickup Craig Stiles’ script The Architect. It’s being described as a Hitchcock’ian thriller. /Film adds, “The story follows Mitch Avery, a New York City hot-shot up and coming architect who gets the opportunity of a lifetime — to build his dream building in Dubai… Once on the ground on the Arabian Peninsula, all hell breaks loose. It turns out everything was a gigantic set-up which results in a chase to find his kidnapped wife Carlie and uncover the bigger conspiracy.” Back in 2008 RKO announced they’d be remaking I Walked With a Zombie, The Body Snatcher, Bedlam and even Five Came Back. None have gone into production.



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