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‘Elm Street’ Writer Reveals ‘Inhuman’ Anime/Live-Action Genre Film!

On the heels of A Nightmare on Elm Street arriving in theaters, writer Eric Heisserer not only has his vision of The Thing coming to life, but he’s also penning the fifth Final Destination film for New Line Cinema. We caught up with the up-and-coming genre writer who reveals to Bloody Disgusting TWO new projects that he’s been hard at work on. Read on for the details.INHUMAN:

[This is a] script in development limbo over at Fox,” Heisserer tells Bloody Disgusting. “Set in Tokyo, it’s about an American FBI profiler on loan, after a killer who seems to be staging his kills exactly like pages from a monster manga. But the profiler discovers that the kills have been happening before the manga is even published, and the evidence on the scenes start to point to one answer: This is a real monster doing the killing.” He continues, “What made it high-concept enough for Fox was the way it switched between anime and live-action. When you’re in the killer’s/mosnter’s POV, the world is anime.

That worked well in Kill Bill. I’d be excited to see a full film with that mix.

Hideo Nakata (Ringu, The Ring Two) has been tapped to direct.


This was originally called The Dionaea House, picked up back in 2005 by Warners with Heyday producing,” Heisserer explains. “Based on the online epistolary story I wrote, We were two weeks from shooting when Warners pulled the plug on it. Eventually I learned it was because ATL was the same budget and bombed, and someone at Warners was worried a horror movie would fare just as poorly. Either way, that script got me a lot of meetings, including the one for Nightmare. Currently it’s dead, but every now and then someone considers resurrecting it.

Peter Cornwell (The Haunting in Connecticut) will be directing.



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