LAFF '10: Must-Read Interview with 'Bitter Feast' Indie Producer Larry Fessenden! - Bloody Disgusting
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LAFF ’10: Must-Read Interview with ‘Bitter Feast’ Indie Producer Larry Fessenden!



Get your check list out, quick: The Innkeepers, Hyopthermia, Stake Land, Satan Hates You, The House of the Devil, I Sell the Dead, The Last Winter, The Roost, Zombie Honeymoon,” and dozens more. Director/writer/producer/editor/cinematographer Larry Fessenden is one of the premier names in horror, especially when it comes to the indie scene. The man has given so many up-and-coming filmmakers their break, and continues to push forward outside of the Hollywood box. This coming weekend his latest endeavor, Bitter Feast, will premiere at the LA Film Festival. It follows a New York Chef and TV cooking personality who takes culinary revenge on the food critic who recently savaged his restaurant in a review. To gear up for the showings, we conducted an exclusive interview with Fessenden that I consider to be a must-read. Get on it now and watch for release details from Dark Sky Films soon.


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