Spanish 'Agnosia', from the Producers of 'Orphanage' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' - Bloody Disgusting!

Spanish ‘Agnosia’, from the Producers of ‘Orphanage’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

Some big words coming from Twitch as they’re really pushing Eugenio Mira’s Agnosia, a Spanish film they’re calling the next Orphanage or Pan’s Labyrinth. Along with an intriguing synopsis, the first teaser is now available below with an English version said to be arriving tomorrow (we’ll update this story). What do you guys think? It’s beautifully shot, I can say that much. The producers’ other credits include not only The Orphanage and Pan’s Labyrinth but also King of the Hill, Agora, Transsiberian, Rabia, Cell 211, Che, and a host of others, says Twitch.Joana Prats suffers from agnosia, a strange neuropsychological illness that affects her perception. Although her eyes and ears are in perfect condition, her brain cannot interpret the stimuli she receives through them.

As the only one who knows the industrial secret left behind by her father, the enigmatic young girl will become the victim of a sinister plan to get the information out of her by taking advantage of her sensory confusion.

As the plot unfolds, the two men closest to her will become crucial to its outcome: Carles, Joana´s fiancé and her father´s right-hand man, and Vicent, a young, impulsive servant working at the Prats mansion.