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‘Dear Mr. Gacy,’ Anchor Bay is Releasing Your DVD/Blu-ray

Thirty-two years ago, one of the most grisly chapters in the history of American crime came to an end with the arrest of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. But the story didn’t end with Gacy’s conviction and eventual execution. Anchor Bay Entertainment presents Dear Mr. Gacy, premiering on Blu-ray and DVD December 14th, based on the shocking true story and best-selling book “The Last Victim” by Jason Moss, with Jeffrey Kottler, M.D. Starring William Forsythe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, 88 Minutes, The Devil’s Rejects) as John Wayne Gacy, with Jesse Moss (The Uninvited, Final Destination 3, “Stephen King’s The Dead Zone”), and Emma Lahana (Girlfriend Experience), Dear Mr. Gacy was produced by Tom Berry, Clark Peterson, producer of the Academy-Award® winning film Monster, and Kellie Madison. SRP for the DVD is $26.98, and $29.99 for the Blu-ray.Dear Mr. Gacy recounts the experiences of 18-year-old college student Jason Moss and his relationship with the notorious Gacy. As part of a school assignment, Moss sends a letter to Gacy in prison, portraying himself as a vulnerable kid. Gacy, suspicious at first, subjects Moss to a series of tests before eventually trusting him. What follows is a psychological game of cat and mouse between two manipulators, in which Moss’ life is turned upside down. And when Gacy sends an invitation to visit him in prison for a private meeting, Jason accepts. Nobody could have ever predicted what would unfold inside the maximum security cell…

Dear Mr. Gacy Blu-ray™ and DVD include the behind-the-scenes featurette “The Gacy Files: Portrait of a Serial Killer,” a look into the making of the film based on facts of the case from the people that knew him best, featuring interviews with cast and crew and friends of John Wayne Gacy, along with the teaser & theatrical trailers.



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