Double Murder Podcast #30: 'A Serbian Film' vs 'Irreversible'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Double Murder Podcast #30: ‘A Serbian Film’ vs ‘Irreversible’!



Double Murder returns to review two of the most controversial films of the last decade: A Serbian Film vs Irreversible!

Both films have come under heavy scrutiny by reviewers and fans alike for their shocking, extreme visuals and taboo subject matters.

Tim and Danny! discuss the line between art and exploitation, and which side of that line each film falls on. Do either A Serbian Film, a supposed allegory about life (and death) in a former Yugoslavian nation, or Irreversible, the reverse-chronological tale of one woman’s rape and her boyfriend’s revenge, have any redeeming social value? Or are both pornographic in their sexual and viscious violence and to be discarded as garbage? Tune into Double Murder below to find out!!


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