Cannes Sales Art for 'Kidnapped' Director's 'Welcome To Harmony' - Bloody Disgusting
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Cannes Sales Art for ‘Kidnapped’ Director’s ‘Welcome To Harmony’



It was announced back in February that Cell 211 co-producers Vaca Films are set to make a big sci-fi horror project provisionally titled Welcome To Harmony, to be directed by Miguel Angel Vivas. The main reason for excitement is that Vivas directed the awesome Spanish-language Kidnapped, an intense and violent home invasion movie soon to be released by IFC Films.

Based on Juan De Dios Garduño’s best-selling novel “Y Pese A Todo…,” the film will be about a World War III, pitting the US, Great Britain and Israel against Iran, China and Russia. Welcome To Harmony will focus on chemical weapons that wipe out everyone in each country, except a father and daughter and their hated neighbor living in Bangor, Maine who have to confront unwanted visitors.

Even cooler, Vivas is currently writing the script for the project alongside Alberto Marini, former director of international productions at Filmax, who helped develop key titles at the studio including the [Rec] films, The Way and Sleep Tight.

Financing is being locked down, but we scored a look at some art being used at Cannes.


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