Tribeca '11 REVIEW: 'Sint' Full On Ridiculous - Bloody Disgusting
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Tribeca ’11 REVIEW: ‘Sint’ Full On Ridiculous



I got so caught up in all this Cannes news I forgot to tell you guys we posted a review of Dick Maas’ Sint (Saint), which premiered at Tribeca before being acquired by IFC Films.

While the bloody slasher with an Evil Santa Claus in the forefront received some high praise, David Harley thought it was pretty OK:

‘Sint’ is a ridiculous film that you’ll either be into or not by the mere mention of its premise. As over-the-top as it is, it could have been a little more insane – I kind of wish St. Nick would have ridden horseback with a Gatling gun, mowing down everything in his path – and the third act is abrupt and anti-climactic. Still, there’s something to be said about zombie pirates with hooks and spears charging down the streets of Amsterdam with a dead bishop in command, wearing a gaudy Mitre.

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