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Doug Jones On Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Frankenstein’: “He’s Not Gonna Rush It”

Ever since it was first announced a couple of years ago, fans of genre legend Guillermo del Toro have been eagerly anticipating his adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, although not much in the way of actual news has been reported since.

Nevertheless, at the Saturn Awards last night I ran into the Monster himself, frequent del Toro collaborator Doug Jones, who I tried to milk for any new information on the project that will be produced by Universal Pictures. Key word: tried.You know, it’s officially in development, and I’m using air quotes,” said the statuesque Jones, towering over me by what seemed like ten feet. “The script’s not finished yet, but it’s a Guillermo del Toro lifelong dream project to make. He’s been wanting to do this since he was a kid. So he’s not gonna rush it, and he’s also got like a lot of things on his plate before that. He’s got enough projects to last him through his own death right now, so I don’t know where he’s gonna work any of this in. But he said he’s still [wanting] me to play his Monster, so that makes me attached. So I’m glad to hear that.

So will we be seeing him in del Toro’s next project, the currently-in-pre-production sci-fi extravaganza Pacific Rim?

That film that he’s been prepping for the fall I think,” he told me. “And I don’t know if I’m involved or not in that, I haven’t heard anything. I would hope so, but I have no idea.

In addition to Pacific Rim, Del Toro has his name attached to 3993, Coffin, Deadman, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Drood, The Haunted Mansion, Trollhunters and Witches, not to mention he’s producing a slew of projects including Pinocchio.



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