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Drew Struzan’s Collaborates With Mondo And Creates ‘Frankenstein’ Print

Since my first trip to Austin in 2008, I’ve been a huge admirer of Mondo, the art boutique arm of the Alamo Drafthouse. What started with me buying a Troll 2 Rolling Roadshow print for shits and giggles has now grown into me obsessively refreshing their shop page every time I know they have something new for sale, and now I find myself with a huge problem: I have more prints than I have wall space.

I never thought the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would get involved in geek movie prints, but today they announced that they’ll begin archiving Mondo posters and one of the first they plan to put into the vault is Drew Struzan’s Frankenstein.

What makes this a momentous occasion is that Struzan announced his retirement in 2008 after completing the poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and has created very few new works since – an interpretation of Mattel’s Barbie for the doll’s fiftieth anniversary and a limited edition Walking Dead poster seem to be it. For those who aren’t familiar with the iconic artist, he’s made some of the most memorable film art of the last three decades, including posters for Back To The Future, Blade Runner, The Thing and Star Wars. This is also big news because he’s never worked with Mondo before.

Make sure to follow @MondoNews for details on the sale date, price and edition size for Struzan’s take on James Whale’s legendary horror staple, which can be found after the jump.



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