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Project #357826472 On Del Toro’s Slate: ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Genre veteran Guillermo del Toro has been using a fairy tale approach to his films – both aesthetically and story-wise – for years, so the latest project he’s attached himself to isn’t really a shock; he’s already made Alice in Wonderland via Pan’s Labyrinth, recreated Peter Pan vicariously through Juan Antonio Bayona in The Orphanage and is producing Gris Grimley’s stop-motion Pinocchio. According to producer Denise Di Novi, it looks like the man-with-a-bazillion-projects is now developing an adaptation of Beauty And The Beast, with Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson set to star, reports Comingsoon. Maybe he can get Ron Perlman to play The Beast one more time?

Beastly, a modern-day take on the tale, hit theatres earlier this year and managed to make back its production budget but wasn’t exactly an explosive hit. Still, with a powerhouse like del Toro behind it who has an affinity for this sort of material, it’s almost guaranteed to be a neat project. That is, if he ever gets around to it.



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