Brain Experimentation Flick 'The Sylvian Experiements' Comes Home This October - Bloody Disgusting
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Brain Experimentation Flick ‘The Sylvian Experiements’ Comes Home This October



Fans of Japanese horror films will rejoice this fall as Lionsgate debuts a sick and strange new tale, The Sylvian Experiments, on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand on October 11. From the creators of The Ring and The Grudge, a neuroscientist begins experimenting on the human brain and her obsession turns deadly for her family.

After discovering a reel of 16mm film in the basement of a dilapidated hospital, a neuroscientist and her husband find themselves enthralled by the film’s bizarre content. The film documents underground experiments on the human brain trying to unlock the Sylvian Fissure – an invisible reality believed to be achieved between life and death. Obsessed with this surreal concept, the scientist attempts to continue the strange experiments on her own, utilizing her own daughters as test subjects.


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