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OMFG of the Day: ‘Blinky’ Director Teases New Short ‘Imaginary Forces’

Over the past decade of Bloody Disgusting I play a mental game with myself. I love discovering new indie horror directors and following their careers as they grow. It’s be quite a ride watching Ti West, Steven C. Miller, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, among many others grow into well respected genre directors. Next up on my watch list is Ruairi Robinson, who has been on my radar since he was attached to Akira way back in 2007. Robinson was nominated for a best animated short Oscar in 2001 for a sci-fi comedy called “Fifty Percent Grey,” wrote and directed a sci-fi short titled “The Silent City,” and has since bee working feverishly at getting a feature film project off the ground. Frankly, everyone’s an idiot for not jumping on his ship.

Back in March he posted the astounding short film “Blinky”, with hopes of it translating into a feature. He then was attached to a slew of projects – The Animators, The Fallen and The Farm – all of which are currently in development.

But that’s not stopping him from staying behind the camera as Robinson has turned in a trailer for his latest short, the 13-minute “Imaginary Forces.” Check out the stunning footage below and watch for the full short soon.



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