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[Random Cool] Zombie Gameboy, A Horror Short, A Game Spoofs And A New Horror Magazine

Flickr user Kodykoala has posted a series of photos displaying his latest creation, the “Zombie Gameboy“. He needs batteries and will do anything to get them…

One of my good friends, and popular horror artist D.W. Frydendall, has put together a special feature for Crackle entitled “Kill Count“, a look a 30 stomach-turning, blood-dropping, gut-spilling horror movies! Go interact now!

A new horror zine I’ll be checking out later this month is Diabolique Magazine, a lavishly illustrated, full-color magazine that explores horror in both classic and contemporary film, literature, theater, history & art. You can get started with Issue No. 6 now available on the official website. The special collector’s issue is dedicated to the late Vincent Price.

A “family fun” video has just landed on Game Trailers that comes from our friends at Destructoid. “The Halloween season begins as Ash pulls the fam together for some ‘Left 4 Dead’ style sacrificing.” The short is a reenactment of the awesome “Left 4 Dead”. Watch it inside.

G4 is getting into the holiday spirit with their very own “Epictober Film Festival” that kicks off today with “The Hunt,” a terrifying tale of horror that mashes up old-school suspense with the Nintendo classic “Duck Hunt”. Check back tomorrow to G4, at 9 AM EST for the Festival’s Centerpiece Showcase, Drew Daywalt’s “Kart Driver.” And on Wednesday at 9, enjoy the festival’s Closing Selection, Gregg Bishop’s “The Birds of Anger,” a horror take on Angry Birds in which the birds are very, very angry.

Speaking of Drew Daywalt, the short filmmaker has launched a game for Camera Obscura that’s now available in iTunes and Android marketplaces. The “Camera Obscura” mobile game will follow a story line consistent with the popular horror web series previously distributed on programming destination site Daily Motion.



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