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Ever Been To ‘Ft. Slaughterdale’? We’ve Got The Trailer!



A new indie film called Ft. Slaughterdale just debuted its trailer and we figured we’d pass the word along.

According to the producer, “this modern day slasher has sex, drugs, booze, and rock and roll, oh and Twister, lots of water and a crazy guy wearing a welding mask! What else could you ask for in horror?

In the film, “Eddie, a construction welder was killed while working on the pier at the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. His death was caused by the drunken actions of some female spring breakers. Now each year, he comes back to claim his revenge and hopefully find the girls who are responsible.

The low budget on this clearly shows and I’m not entirely sure it’s my thing, but who knows? Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised! Check it out and see for yourself!


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