Creepy Possessed Children Growl in Full 'Dunderland' Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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Creepy Possessed Children Growl in Full ‘Dunderland’ Trailer




Arriving in foreign cinemas this coming January is Norwegian filmakers’ Finn-Erik Rognan & Nils J. Nesse Dunderland, a horror movie takes the american trope of attractive 20-somethings in the wilderness but instead of unleashing Jason on them, it sics the witches. As promised a full trailer has been released alongside the above image (that’s NSFW, right? No?). The footage is pretty friggin’ scary, I wish there was a bit more!

1695. A young maiden by the name Johanne Nilsdotter is accused of witchcraft. Her persecutors end her life in the bottomless pits of the Djupkista waters in the Dunderland valley. In the years to follow, numerous horrendous events and tragedies strike the valley. 2011. The young, aspiring theatre director Laura arrives in the Dunderland valley. Together with an ensamble of Norway’s premier actors, she will put on a play at an old, abandoned Boy Scout camp. They are soon made aware of the Dunderland valleys dark and bloody history. Then the star actor disappears.


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