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[Fan Expo Canada] DC All-access Panel Announces ‘Justice League Of America’ From Johns And Finch Plus Joker Meets Leatherface!

During the DC Comics Panel today at Fan Expo Canada they announced that Geoff Johns and David Finch are launching a new “Justice League Of America” book, coming in the new year. Pictured below is the first official image of the team, featuring: Green Arrow, Katana, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Stargirl, Vibe, Hawkman, and Catwoman. Martian Manhunter will leave his position at Stormwatch and move in with the JLA members. The panel also spoke extensively about their Bat-books, the new “Phantom Stranger”, and more, which you can read below.

Greg Capullo started off the panel by speaking about the Joker’s new look. He described it as The Joker meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and assured that Snyder’s script is as tear-jerking as it his terrifying. He described the Joker’s new face in detail saying that it will be rotting and decaying with flies crawling around as he applies his white makeup. Nasty, just the way we like it! Joker will be hunting down members of the Bat-family in order to get Bruce Wayne back all to himself.

In 2013 Capullo hinted at a storyline about the Riddler and his origin.

John Layman and Jason Fabok’s “Detective Comics” was described as being semi-stand-alone issues with full resolutions, but also with an overlying mystery that will play out in the long run.

When Dan Didio was asked about the prospect of a “Justice League” movie, he simply answered “I’d like to see one.” What this means is hard to say, but you can bet they have something in the works, though it may be few years down the line.

Also teased was the new “Phantom Stranger” series which will begin with the #0 issue next month. It will fit into the Dark part of DC’s lineup and will offer a real look at Pandora, who has been on our minds since “Flashpoint”. Didio announced that “Phantom Stranger” will be crossing over heavily with “Justice League Dark”, and that him and Jeff Lemire are in discussion about how to combine the two works.



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