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TV: [Next On] Video Preview of ‘Dexter’ 06.12, Last Night’s Reaction


This is the way the world ends…

Spoiler warning: Last night’s episode of “Dexter” ended on a perplexing cliffhanger leaving the audience wondering who’s the protagonist in the ongoing battle of good vs. evil. While it’s clear that Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) is out of his mind, he does believe he’s raging war on mankind for God, all the while Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is clearly the “Devil” in the war (although he’s our anti-hero). While we ponder the two evildoers and their relationship, the most interesting aspect of episode 06.11 was the psychiatrist suggesting to Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) that she’s secretly in love with her (non-biological) brother. Where will Showtime take this edgy subplot in the season finale next Sunday? And more importantly, what’s going on with Louis Greene, the new crime lab intern (Josh Cooke) who’s dating Batista’s sister (Aimee Garcia)?

The show was recently renewed for another two seasons, with a hint they may be the last. Is this Louis Greene character the lead up to the end? I believe so. Watch two clips from the “Dexter” season finale “This Is the Way the World Ends” inside and then talk back about everything leading up to Doomsday!



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