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TV: More Plot Details For “The Munsters” Pilot Hit!



Last month we had an exclusive report on the basic plot for Superman Returns, X-Men and Apt Pupil director Bryan Singer’s upcoming pilot for The Munsters.

Now, even more details (okay, a lot of details) have hit the net in what looks to basically be Moviehole’s lengthy script review of the show’s inaugural episode.

So I’m gonna warn you of spoilers before you hit the jump….This thing is pretty in-depth so I’ll only post the beginning to get you started.

Per Moviehole, “It’s a scout camp, and the scout master has just rounded up the scouts in an effort to find out who has eaten all the boxes of food. While the token fat kid is being eyeballed, a ravaging wolf is about to crash the party…

…. next morning, a young boy wakes up naked in the woods.

After the credits…
Marilyn (the human among the Munster family) is introduced. The adopted stunner of the Munster family is negotiating to buy up a decrepit old mansion in Mockingbird Heights from an estate agent. As the blonde beauty and the all-too-honest agent (she attempts to talk Marilyn out of burning the house; the previous owner was a serial killer was poisoned hobos and it’s rumoured dead bodies may still be in the walls) talk, a construction crew, seemingly there to knock the place down, impatiently look on. But the deal is done and the wrecking ball backs off.

To read the rest, hit up Moviehole’s breakdown!


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