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Valiant Comics’ Badass ‘Bloodshot’ Getting Big Screen Treatment!




Remember Valiant Comics? Yeah, that’s a weird memory. Still, they delivered some incredible storylines while Marvel and DC destroyed the ’90s with their awesome art, terrible storytelling and over-priced holographic cover special editions.

One of my favorite comics, and characters, is about to make the big screen jump and I can only pray that “Shadowman” is right behind him.

THR reports that Bloodshot, the Valiant comic books character who has been described as a modern-day “Frankenstein,” is making his way to the big screen. Columbia Pictures is closing a deal to acquire the rights to adapt Bloodshot into a feature film to be produced by Neal H. Moritz, through his Original Film banner, and Jason Kothari and Dinesh Shamdasani on behalf of Valiant Entertainment.

Jeff Wadlow (Prey), who is writing the screenplay actually instigated the project. A fan of the character, Wadlow, wrote a spec script that attracted Moritz’s attention.

Bloodshot, who first appeared in Valiant comic books in 1992, has appeared in more than 70 issues. Valiant, founded in 1989, is re-launching the character this year as it returns to publishing in May.

Bloodshot entered the Valiant universe as mob killer Angelo Mortalli, who enters a witness protection program and then becomes part of a secret experiment to create the ultimate killing machine. His memories are erased and he is injected with microscopic computers called nanites. As he tries to rediscover who he was, he battles both the mob and the police.


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