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TV: ABC Talks Canceling ‘The River,’ Transitioning To Netflix

Is network TV dying? We may finally be witnesses to the rise of streaming original content.

Netflix, who is already developing Eli Roth’s original series “Hemlock Grove,” and is in talks with 20th Century Fox TV about possibly picking up recently cancelled “Terra Nova,” may also be eying another freshman drama that is facing cancellation: ABC’s “The River.”

Deadline reports that the streaming giant has had conversations with “The River” producer ABC Studios about the possibility of continuing the thriller/horror series on Netflix. Sources stress that the talks are exploratory at this point in the context of a larger conversation between ABC Studios and Netflix.

From my own perspective, this is exactly what “The River” should have been in the first place. The constant commercial breaks tear us away from any tension the show builds, while having it air on prime time forces the show to veer away from any violent content.

It should also b clear that, unlike “Terra Nova,” “The River” has not been officially canceled by ABC, though that is considered a foregone conclusion. This could actually turn into a positive situation if transitioned correctly.

Have you been watching “The River”? What do you think?



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