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[Boredom Bytes] Floppy Drive ‘Doom’ Music, Bad Driving In ‘Sleeping Dogs’, The ‘BioShock’ Song

It’s Sunday! You know what that means… actually, it really only means that a majority of us are dreading the start of another week of school or work, so to help your mind cope with the loss of yet another weekend, I have some pretty awesome videos for you that I found on this big, translucent sphere of happiness that we all call the Internet. Today’s selection is pretty diverse, including the iconic Doom music recreated on floppy drives, bad driving in Sleeping Dogs (insert awful racist joke here), and the crazy catchy BioShock song. Check them out after the jump.

I have absolutely no idea how this talented soul accomplished this, but they somehow managed to play the Doom theme song one eight floppy drives. I’m sure it requires all sorts of technowizardry, because the end result is five flavors of awesome.

I recently reviewed the fantastic open-world action game Sleeping Dogs, but one of the things I didn’t mention is the hilarious way the gang members flee when you kick enough of their friends’ asses. Scattered about Hong Kong are these gang hideouts, which you can try to clean up, and once you’ve beaten down enough of the gang members, the rest start to flee, occasionally resulting in something like this.

I want this song on my iPod, and I want it now.

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