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5 Horror Movies With Horrible Endings!!!

As often as the importance of endings is stated, it can never be stated loud enough. Can you have a reasonably enjoyable film with a bad ending? Sure, there are plenty. Just as there are more bad films than good films, there are more bad endings than good endings (even amongst good films). We’ve all got our share of favorites that start sputtering around the end of act 2. Sunshine comes to mind. It’s an absolutely brilliant film for much of its running time and it might be regarded as a classic if it hadn’t turned so many people off in the final reels.

But whether or not a film is good or bad – the ending is the last impression its audience will have. A bad one can devalue an otherwise good film or it can be the cherry on top of a truly bad one. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 Horror Films With Horrible Endings. Notice I didn’t say the worst endings – I figure it’ll take another few pieces to get to the bottom of that. Also, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up check out 5 Horror Movies With Amazing Endings!

Head inside to check it out! And submit your votes in the comments for which bad endings should make the next piece!


I was cool with Timothy Olyphant’s Mickey being Ghostface, but once Laurie Metcalfe dropped the guise of Debbie Salt and revealed herself as Mrs. Loomis (mother of Skeet Ulrich’s Billy Loomis from the original) the whole movie just craters. A half-baked explanation about her meeting Mickey in some online chat room only makes it worse. In fact, the series never really recovered from this, did it? The problems of Scream 3 and Scream 4 don’t have much to do with that scene, but the moments right before Laurie Metcalfe walks through that door mark the last time a Scream film truly felt like a breath of fresh air.


This movie cuts some significant corners when it allows its entire final battle to take place offscreen.


A slightly better movie than Creature, but a URL isn’t an ending. Skipping the 3rd act altogether is not a recommended solution to your 3rd act problems.


Before you kill me – I love this movie! And it has a great third act! My only beef is with Caleb and Mae’s blood transfusions. If you can get infected by just one vampire bite, then wouldn’t the clean blood you’re pumping into a vampire get infected if there was even just one drop of vampire blood left in that body? Wouldn’t you have to remove every last iota of infected blood (thus destroying the patient) before you started the transfusion? If you feel like you can explain this to me in a satisfactory way – go ahead. Whomever changes my mind gets a free Blu-ray.


I like how it tries to riff on Part One’s ending, but I found the mid-awards show werewolf transformation pretty ridiculous. Even on my first viewing when I was 10. Not that the rest of Howling 3 is any good. It isn’t. But when your last few moments manage to top the entirety of the transcendentally bad film that preceded them, you know you’ve got a sh*tty ending.

What are some of your favorite bad endings?



  • Deus_Mali

    I actually liked the ending to Scream 2. I do see your point, though. Scream 2 is still my favorite in the franchise. I never did see that ending coming.

    • DisturbedPixie

      See, I like how Scream films always have an ending that you can’t expect. I don’t care how silly a murder chat room is. It made sense just enough for it to be fun. And then the 3rd one with, I planned the whole thing. So many slashers have to have ruin the last film’s ending to make sense of the newest sequel, but not Scream… everything makes just enough sense.

  • I thought the ending for Haute Tension was pretty lame.

    • I completely agree with you on Haute Tension!

      • Dr. Morris Fishbine

        I thought the twist was quite a cool idea, where I think they stumbled was by still showing the ‘imagined’ vision of the killer. They should have stuck to reality, the actress was more than game for it.

    • Totally agree!!! A great movie that didn’t need a twist ending that doesn’t hold up the second time you watch.

    • sawyerbecks23

      I thought I was the only one who hated this movie. The ending was so predictable.

    • viking1983

      are you on crack haute tension is the best horror film this century

      • IkariMalice

        That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? I enjoyed Haute Tension, but there’s no denying it’s complete theft of Koontz’ Intensity with a tacked on cliche ending involving split personality. Well directed sure but beyond predictable and nonsensical.

        • Miikesmama

          And you seriously believe Koontz never heard of (and stole the premise from) Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde???

          …There are only 12 stories in the world, people, everything else are variations

    • polock91

      It’s the same ending in a lot of movies.

      Fight Club (the only movie to use that ending well, I thought)
      Secret Window
      Shutter Island
      The Ward
      My Bloody Valentine (remake)

      I’m pretty sure it was also in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone.

      Point is: it’s WAY too overdone to still be considered original, thought-provoking, or cool. Shit, it’s not even a good ending. It’s a jip. An ending hasn’t been this shitty and redundant since the whole “it was all a dream” ending.

    • jeffreyk

      i agree that the ending was terrible, but the opening scene is still one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a horror movie.

    • JayAbad

      A lot of people say the ending of HT didn’t make sense, but remember that in the beginning of the movie, the character starts telling the story. We’re seeing it as she remembers it.

  • Chris Burks

    The Near Dark Ending, I admit, left a lot to be desired. However, as they only required a “nip” to infect the victim, and in an interview with Lance Henriksen he had said he always imagi Mae and Caleb, on the other hand, were still slow/young in the infection rate which could have meant that the virus hadn’t spread totally thus easier to ‘cure’. We could also say that since Jessie was the progenator that as they go down the line the actual ‘virus’ gets weaker in every generation and by the time it had trickled down to Mae from Homer (I think it was) it was already weak by that point and the transfusion made it easy to cure.

    Again, I doubt any cure would have worked on the ‘family’ besides Mae as they were far gone, but hey, it’s two explanations, I love the movie, and I’d love a blue ray. Thanks for your time!ned the Jessie was created from a harpie on the battle field, we have to assume that these vampires are not ‘dracula-esque’ and their infection is a little different. Like a virus it takes hold on you and grows. Jessie and Sev and Diamondback and Homer were more than likely too far along to cure.

    • Dr. Morris Fishbine

      Other than the fact that ‘Near Dark’ was more of a fable than a horror film, I think the general idea is filtering the blood, constantly, over days, to minimize or eliminate the infection. It’s a tough thing to visualize, the passage of time without much that’s visual happening, but I think they did right to just introduce it and then let it drift by. With vampire stories, really the choice to not be one is the real cure, so the rest was just perfunctory.

  • Scream 2 has one of the best endings ever… I loved Debbie Salt. 1 & 4 are still my favorites, though I love every movie in the franchise in its own way.

  • Chris Burks

    As far as horrible endings, Warlock 3: The End of Innocence. It had some great effects, very organically done I thought, but when that (SPOILER-don’t read if you haven’t seen!) demon goat shows up and goes all seizure sequence, that ruined the entire movie for me.

  • Chris Burks

    wow that cut out some’s a re-do

    The Near Dark Ending, I admit, left a lot to be desired. However, as they only required a “nip” to infect the victim, and in an interview with Lance Henriksen he had said he always imagined Jessie being created by a harpie on the battlefield, we have to assume the vampires are not the typical Dracula type vampires.(I’m basing this on Lucy Westenra’s transfusions not preventing the turn) Mae and Caleb, on the other hand, were still slow/young in the infection rate which could have meant that the virus hadn’t spread totally thus easier to ‘cure’. We could also say that since Jessie was the progenator that as they go down the line the actual ‘virus’ gets weaker in every generation and by the time it had trickled down to Mae from Homer (I think it was) it was already weak by that point and the transfusion made it easy to cure.

    Again, I doubt any cure would have worked on the ‘family’ besides Mae as they were far gone, but hey, it’s two explanations, I love the movie, and I’d love a blue ray. Thanks for your time!ned the Jessie was created from a harpie on the battle field, we have to assume that these vampires are not ‘dracula-esque’ and their infection is a little different. Like a virus it takes hold on you and grows. Jessie and Sev and Diamondback and Homer were more than likely too far along to cure.

  • Damned-Of-Hell

    I rather liked the ending to Scream 2 (although I did see Scream 2 before Scream so it probably didn’t have the same impact on me).

    The ending to Haute Tension is probably one of the worst. The whole movie was spectacular until that last impossible twist.

  • The Ending to the movie “Knowing”, Having a possible biblical reference about Adam and Eve can be good for Horror film,
    plus the ending to Freddy’s dead: The Final Nightmare, the plot line was crappy and the movie ends with so-called Freddy’s Daughter killing her own sadistic father with a bunch of firecrackers, and the worst of all: Jaws: The Revenge, a horrible ending to a respected film series

    • sorry I meant to say a biblical reference of Adam and Eve CAN’T
      Be good for a horror film

  • djblack1313

    i didn’t mind the explanation in the ending of SCREAM 2, what i hated and found 100% comedic was Laurie Metcalf’s (who i DO like) 3 Stooges type wide eyes, mannerisms & movements. just look at the pic on the main page for this article! lol. but i liked SCREAM 2.

    i’ll take your word for CREATURE & HOWLING 3 two movies i have no desire to watch….ever. lol.

  • Marty McFly

    Scream 2 was awesome! I loved the ending, and I thought killers were perfect. Scream 3 was an ending that came out of left field. Scream 4 I can accept more than Scream 3.

  • ShinJoe

    Finding out it wasn’t really Jason at the end of Friday the 13th Part V kind of sucked.

  • Seal_Clubber

    “It” had a horrible ending (space-spider?).

    I also really disliked the endings to “The Mist”, “1408” and “Sleepwalkers” (weird – all Stephen King stories).

    • evilfairydust

      Completely agree with “It”! But I’m sorry, the ending of “The Mist” was ballsy and beautiful. There was NO better way to end that film.

    • snotboy21

      Yeah the ending to mist was pop rocks and soda. Some people just can’t handle a good thing.

    • FreddyJ.Myers

      Think about it: would The Mist be as memorable in the long run without the ending? When you talk about the Mist, everyone instantly thinks “Oh, that movie with that gut wrenching ending!” In terms of filmmaking, this is a genius plot device to keep a movie in people’s minds, in my opinion. As for IT, I think they translated it from the book poorly. It worked very nicely in the book where the trans-dimensional battle took place, here it was just smacking a big spider.

      • Miikesmama

        erm, also, in the book the teenies had sex in the sewer to get rid of Pennywise!

    • Mr.Mirage

      IT needs a good remake. (Only if Tim Curry agrees to reprise the role and no one else does.)

      Gotta agree with the others, though: The Mist was a swift kick in the balls, followed by several others in sudden succession… totally did not see it coming, totally against what SK wrote (Hope? no….) and you are not the only one that disagrees with me. My daughter hated it, too… Diffint Stokes…

    • Dr. Morris Fishbine

      I thought the ending to ‘The Mist’ was cheap. It couldn’t decide where it wanted to go and it just drifted. It should’ve ended right after they saw the large, majestic creature and one said, ‘I hope we can get clear of the mist’, never knowing if they’re going to run out of gas or not. The timing of the present ending was like a shaggy dog joke. Way, way too on the nose.

      • Miikesmama

        I’m sorry doctor, you are dead wrong. The Film coulnd’t decide where to go?? It’s the opposite, the film was built around that ending, every single scene leads up to it.

        The Mist isn’t some creature-feature, it shows that the biggest monster is other people, and us!

  • No Jason Takes Manhattan? I can say I thought Metcalf was over the top.. and I have always wondered if the mom reveal was a reshoot.. I remember some pre-release lesks that had 3 killers.. mickey an and halley who were framing poor cotton (again) then after they are taken care of it ends with Cotton getting back at Sid for wrongfully fingering him for her mom’s murder..

    I dug Scream 2. The mom thing was just icing. I admit it was a silly reveal but by the virtue of her identity you really couldn’t have debbie and sid together. Still the reverse friday the 13th makes me laugh.. especially the nod to jason voice in the bathroom in the opening.

  • Jasonicus

    Yeah, Scream 2 had such a bad ending. Just silly and over the top.

  • wildgator25

    Evan, you know you will have to have a follow up article entitled “5 Horror Movies with Awesome Endings”.

    That being said, I think one of the worst endings to a horror movie was “April Fools Day”. That movie was quite better than one would expect… but that could be due to the lovely Amy Steel.

  • MaxTorque

    Hated the ending to “Penny Dreadful”, one of the movies at the first After Dark Horrorfest back in 2006. Like I said back then, “The movie didn’t end, it just stopped.”

  • Aaron Emery

    I’m going to throw The Happening out there, while I kinda liked it (don’t judge me) the ending offered absolutely nothing, it just happened (see what I did there?). I didn’t mind the ending to The Devil Inside, IMO if it weren’t for the URL it would have been no different than every other found footage movie. But, my award for worst ending/ reveal is I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Will Benson, get it Ben’s son?

  • CountOrlok

    Disagree with Howling 3.. I liked it haha.. and the movie is awesome, what are you talking about.

  • divisionbell

    I always thought Scream 2 was a nice simple homage to Mrs Voorhees. Not a great movie and I wish it was just Mickey. But I’ve seen worse endings.

    Love Near Dark. I always took the transfusion as ridding the body of a virus of the blood. While not feasible, the concept was to pump out all of the infected blood and replace it with clean blood. Again not feasible, but logical reasoning.

    Despite the awful URL at the end, thanks to the production company, I still thought the ending of Devil Inside was perfect. There was no way they were going to make it to the Vatican. That would have been a huge cop-out if you ask me. It makes perfect sense that the devil would stop them the way he did.

  • shrednj

    i agree with most of these, but the only thing i disliked about the scream 2 ending was how laurie metcalf’s character met olyphant’s. Other than that i thought it was a decent ending.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i liked Scream 2’s ending. as for the meeting on the internet thing – back then the internet was still in it’s infancy. a lot of people didn’t have it, unlike today where most people do. so for people like me who didn’t have it it kind of had a bit of a mystery surrounding it and what you can actually do on the internet. i would also assume since the internet was still in it’s infancy that it wasn’t policed as well as it is today but i could be wrong.

    the only thing i didn’t like about the Creature ending was during the final battle, which took place at night, they start sinking through the mud and get buried underneath it. then hours pass and the sun rises and they climb out of the mud. was there tunnels under there or something? shouldn’t they have been dead if they got buried alive? did i miss something? i still loved the movie though

  • BornVillian

    For me it has to be the ending to 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

  • I like this segment

  • betz

    the ending/3rd act of martyrs sucked! great horror turned to scify channel

  • Joe-Banger

    Here’s something to think about Evan, I was happy Laurie played Billys mother! Why? Because the bitch ended up dead! LOL! And why did she abandon Billy in the first place only to avenge him anyway? Bad ending here is a matter of opinion. I havent seen the other films you listed so no comment on them yet.

  • MakeThisAMovies

    I enjoyed Scream 2’s ending. I feel Scream 3 has A WAY WORSE ending than the second one. Of course, Scream 3 is almost entirely horrible. The fact that Kevin Williamson wasn’t around to script it is glaringly obvious. On the other hand, a great movie with a crap ending is Romero’s Day of the Dead. I hated the ending when I saw it as a kid. Doesn’t bother me as much now but still randomly cutting from them being attacked by zombies to chilling on the beach…could have been stronger.

  • I’ll say the ending to devil’s rejects is the worst!!!

    Hahaha just kidding. The Card Player was a let down.

  • viking1983

    insidious had a crap ending, best ever ending is devils rejects just for freebird

  • joesey

    The bitch in High Tension was crazy from the beginning so the ending makes sense it’s not the worst ending out there. And Martyrs is a classic and if you can’t take the brutality of it then stick to the Disney channel.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I agree with you on The Devil Inside. Bad movie with a horrible ending. Don’t even get me started on The Apparition. That movie, and its ending, was the biggest letdown in a long time.

  • evenscarier

    Howling 3 featured a cameo of Scrat as a nun? Cool!

    • Davis Baldwin

      Took me a second but… HAAAAAAA!!! ROFL! Take another look; so freaking true! I’ll never look at werewolves the same way again.

  • Dream-Master08

    The ending to SCREAM 2 was perfect. I was surprising enough to hold the tension, but believable enough that to hold the seriousness of the movie. Now the worse SCREAM ending would have to be the 4th. Was it surprising? Yes, but it was utterly stupid and unbelievable. Like who the hell would kill a group of people including their parent for fame, after ranting about how easy it is to become famous??? Its like Jill made a profound statement and then contradicted herself in the same sentence. I feel like that ending was designed to spoon feed the audience a load of shit, because they could.

  • Decapitated_Dave

    The Devil Inside… good christ.

  • SuperKilla

    The Last Exorcism had a horrible ending.

    • Melodee

      Last Exorcism had the BEST ending! I didn’t see it coming!

  • snotboy21

    Soul Survivors anyone? Eh leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Haute Tension rocked even though it was a complete rip-off of the book Intensity by Dean Kootz. Still though the ending sucked. Hard. Scream 2 was a bad ending but I still think that Scream 3 was way way worse. The whole spurned bastard son thing is so trite.

  • zog71

    Was okay with Scream 2 ending, but thought the ending to 3 was a little too much and hokey. Does anyone remember a movie called Spellbinder (I think), with Tim Daley from “Wings”. That had one of the shittiest endings I have ever seen. I know its not a horror movie but “Matrix Revolutions” also had one of the worse endings ever, I have never left a movie theater so pissed.

  • David Harris

    I loved “Scream 2″s Laurie Metcalf ending, very much in the fun and weird spirit of the series! Though it’s not very popular, “Automaton Transfusion” just… ends! After only 70 minutes kids run out the door only to face a pack of zombies and “To be continued”. Which I had a feeling it never would.

  • IkariMalice

    I find most modern horror to contain bad endings. As Scream 4 puts it, “the unexpected is the new cliche”. Predictable deaths of the heroes or just flat out not finishing a movie while masquerading as “ambiguity” is pretty routine nowadays. Though if I had to choose one that tops my list, it’d have to be The Mist.

  • samuelC

    the ending to near dark was good

  • Clewis

    I really enjoyed the ending to Near Dark as well. Yesterday I had the chance to see The Apparition which had a horrible ending. Granted the whole film was horrible.

  • Carchuleta89

    Don’t tell me nobody has mentioned the ending to Feast 3 (or on that note the entirety of Feast 3). What the shit was all that about…

  • ecto1

    The Near Dark ending has the same shortcomings as the alternate ending from 28 Days Later. The thing is, Danny Boyle never filmed it as it is too hard to explain that one drop of blood can infect someone, but a blood transfusion can cure them. Read and be amazed at the similarities!

  • DaveAndEvil

    Best recent good horror movies with bad endings: Last Exorcism and Insidious.

    Both great films, impossible to forget all the good stuff that comes before the weak finales.

  • Uncle-Jason

    Near Dark: the ending wasn’t a cure. I was always under the assumption that the virus in their bodies was a very aggressive type, which means that these 2 would have to get transfusions every week or so. But, if a cure is needed to get a sweet, sweet Blu-ray, let’s go with this. Caleb was bitten at night, long enough for the virus to take effect & transform his basic DNA, which is what hurt him as he was walking through the breaking dawns (see what I did there?) rays of sunlight. Maybe after the healing-transfusion, if they get enough sunlight in them, it’ll burn out the vampire cells; the way sunlight kills fungi.

  • MorbidAngela

    What about Feast 3. Worst ending ever.

  • evenscarier

    I couldn’t stop laughing at Feast 3’s ending, I stopped expecting anything serious when the beasts started raping cats.

  • THGhost

    Excuse me? Scream 4 was a massive breath of fresh air. Clearly the guy who wrote this isn’t a Scream fan.

    • Melodee

      I completely agree, refreshed the genre for me. I don’t know why so many people don’t like it.

  • VictorCrowley

    I liked Scream 2’s ending myself. It was out of nowhere and made perfect sense. Part 3’s ending is the one that tanked the series, IMO. Part 4 was very well done. Just came out in the wrong decade.

    I will totally agree about The Devil Inside. The ending to that movie totally ruined what had been a decent little chiller up to that point. Nothing compared to the hype, but it was holding it’s own with me until then. The whole theater booed the ending and everyone immediately left. Made us feel like we’d been bamboozled. Not cool.

  • VictorCrowley

    Also surprised Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (theatrical cut) isn’t up there.

  • Sleeper99999

    The mistake everyone here is making with NEAR DARK, in my opinion, is that everyone has been conditioned by video games and the bad movies they inspire to look at supernatural, unexplainable creatures in a “realistic” context. That is to say, it’s NOT realistic, but because they use words like “virus” rather than “curse,” audiences can pretend that vampires and zombies are scientifically plausible. All this talk about NEAR DARK’s vampires having a virus and a certain rate of infection and all the rest make this same mistake. But these are supernatural entities. Their condition is not necessarily bound by the known processes of human biology. What saved Caleb, and Mae at the end, wasn’t the transfusion. As everyone points out, there’s just no way to flush out any sort of viral contamination with a single donor, and even if it were a virus which transformed their bodies into something totally inhuman (strength, regeneration, reliance on only blood to survive, burning in sunlight, etc.) then their bodies wouldn’t just instantly transform back. What changed them back was love. A father’s love for his son, and a boy’s love for his girl. The transfusion, the blood given freely, the act of self-sacrifice, was what brought them back to humanity.

    Call it cornball if you like, but that was how I interpreted the ending.

  • the-only-solution

    The ending for I Am Legend (Will Smith version). The ending in Richard Matheson’s novel is so much better.

  • Howtoloseweightfastt

    How to lose weight fast? ! !


    RED STATE! Having a decent build-up and then coming to a breath-taking revelation of God’s will… only to have it chucked into a cheap laugh killed it. Kevin would have had a cult classic without the last “comical” explanation which quickly turned the film into shit

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    i thought the ending of barkers lord of illusions was lame.
    after a whole films worth of building dread about his resurrection, nix’s end was wtf lol nm.

  • FilmEnding

    NO doubt, The Devil Inside takes the cake for having the worst horror movie ending ever. It’s obvious the writing and director lack execution. They never watch most exorcism movies.

    This entire movie was a mess. You think you will get a payoff in the end for wasting most of your time. However, the ending ending on the high point of tension, forgetting the entire resolution. Thank for mentioning the third act as nonexistent.

    • FilmEnding


      No doubt, The Devil Inside takes the cake for having the worst horror movie ending ever. It’s obvious the writer and writer/ director lacked execution. They never watched most exorcism movies. Staying Alive doesn’t qualify as a horror movie.

      This entire exorcism movie was a mess. We think we’ll get a payoff in the end for wasting most of your time. However, the movie ending skipped the entire resolution altogether. Essentially, we watched the setup and the development.

      It is poor writing to end at the high point of tension, especially when dealing with exorcism movies. Thanks for mentioning the third act as nonexistent.

  • Montresor

    Going to given the greatest disappointment to the ‘House on Haunted Hill’ remake. Three-fourths of the movie had such promise and then the “smoke monster” appears and the worst beyond the grave grab save… sigh. Same thing with ‘Thirteen Ghosts’, I blame Sam Raimi. At least the Evil Dead remake looks incredible.

  • bat123man


    The ending to Near Dark is actually quite consistent with vampire lore. In the original Bram Stoker “Dracula”, Lucy is given 4 separate blood transfusions when she is found to be anemic and near death as a result of Dracula’s nighttime attacks. Each transfusion revives her and effectively returns her to life. She does not become a vampire until Dracula finally transforms himself into a terrifying wolf causing Lucy’s mother to die from a heart attack, and while convulsing, rip off the protective garlic necklace Lucy had been wearing. Dracula is then able to finally transform Lucy by draining the last of her blood, which is what finally kills her and allows her to rise as one of the undead.

    Near Dark is therefore consistent with the original vampire rules as laid out by Stoker. Removing the vampire blood (even if you don’t get 100% of it) and replacing it with untainted human blood, is sufficient to cure someone of vampirism.

    • Melodee

      Kudos for knowing your vampire lore!!

  • Melodee

    SCREAM 2 had the best ending of all the SCREAMS but I will admit that the chat room thing was lame. A better back story would be that they met in therapy lol seeing as the both needed some. Not perfect but better than a chat room!

  • Melodee

    Also Devil Inside ending was THE BIGGEST MIDDLE FINGER I ever got. It was like, “We got your money so who cares about the end!” Oh! And the damn link was a trailer for the movie!! Grrrr…made me wanna punch kittens!

    • Razalien

      Me, and everyone else watching it were like. What? It’s Over. Then about a month later we got the net, and saw where the link led. Pissed me off tot he fullest. I was hoping to see some real stuff regarding the case it was based on.

      I give them thumbs up for making people search for the truth, like the Grave Encounters people who took the remarks off the web and rolled with them, but they could have at least put a few fake articles up, and no pictures with the actors. That would really make it stick.

  • carter4408

    creature was on netflix and I could not even get to the ending what a piece of shit!! Sleepaway camp had the most crazy ending however still in my top 50 horror flicks of all time

  • danny1201

    In my opinion, anything that comes from M. Night Shyamalan has the worst ending ever (aside from The Sixth Sense). He really needs to quit making movies and strictly make trailers for other peoples’ movies. He’s good at trailers.

    • Adam Knott

      M. Night Shyamalan had a few really good endings, but what he did wrong was realizing it. Now he just trys to hard to recreate them.

  • KevieKev

    Some of my favorite horror movies of all time have had terrible endings. Let’s go through it.

    1. Nightmare on Elm St. Yes… you heard me. After all that happens, Nancy simply saying “You’re just a dream” and Freddie disappearing is bad in and of itself. But the mother getting pulled through the door as if Freddie’s arm as a vacuum is just awful.

    2. Candyman. This is such a smart horror film, until the finale that is. I think the perfect ending would have been right at Helen’s funeral, with the folks of Cabrini Green dropping the hook on her grave with that resounding echo. If they stopped the movie there, it would have been so erie and unsettling. But nooo… her widowed husband who screwed her over says Helen 5 times, and she’s the new Candyman I guess(?)

    3. The Descent with the American ending. This is probably my favorite recent horror movie. But earlier in the film, one of the women says “We’re 2 miles underground, you didn’t see daylight.” Well guess what… they keep going down, and down, and down. There is no “ascent” in this movie. So for Sarah to escape the cave of horrors and find her way back to the car, and for Juno, who she just killed waiting for her in the front seat, is just ridiculous. Go for the uncut version, where that’s just a dream sequence and she is left all crazy in the cave having seriously lost her mind.

    4. Dawn of the Dead 2005 Remake. The movie takes place in Wisconsin. They want to go on the boat to an island where?… In Lake Michigan? Please.

    5. Then, it’s a tie with 2 movies with “alternate personalities” twists: High Tension and Identity. High Tension: What a great slasher film! But I hate the message that repressed homosexual urges bring out an alternate personality. Also, if the girl was the killer at the same time, how was she able to follow them in another car, and then get so banged up in the following car accident? I totally didn’t get it. And the whole “all the personalities duking it out in a hotel” thing in Identity just completely didn’t work for me.

  • Adam Knott

    I do realize this article is several months old, but I would like to try and provide an explanation for the vampiric transfusion, despite not getting a blu ray.
    Is it not possible that the transfusions sustained his humanity long enough for his immune system to fight off the vampire “virus” (I use that term loosely, because who knows whether it would be a virus or not). Maybe the transfusion provided time for his immune system to adapt to this new foreign element and expel it, where those who did not receive a transfusion were overwhelmed by the “sickness” and turned. Now I would say that that is a blu-ray worthy explanation, POW!

  • Razalien

    I would have to say being a preteen when Scream 2 was released, and being able to see it in the theater was cool. For my young mind it all made since, but rewatches have revealed holes. It is still a nice intense film, and the first with Drew Barrymore hanging from the tree still haunts some nightmares. (She just look so freaky.)

    I recently watched Creature and almost didn’t make through to the first few minutes(The opening scene seemed to in-your-face for me.) It then lapsed into standard B-movie flare with the only recognizable character prior to the harbingers being “Eggs” from true blood. I got through making silly references to Cabin in the Woods, and thought Anon(mythos) was pretty alright. It then shifted heads by making two of the main(dumbest)characters actual players in a bigger game. Incest, monsters, family(The Marine and Sister), and crazy hillbillies. It was a decent surprise, until the end. When he takes too long to untie her, Lockjaw pulls here back in the hole he dives in, and we slow pan from the hole with melancholy toning abound.

    Now I’m thinking we would go underground and see the fight, but Eggs simply comes out of the hole with his bride and leaves. I think it should have at least shown she was pregnant.

    The Devil Inside was a big let down. Alternate Reality articles would have really helped. But most FF are these days…Save for V/H/S…

    Now, I can finally tell all who say the Mist had one of the worst endings ever. The thing about that story was it seemed to be one about patience. His neighbor left, got killed. The crazy Marcia Gay whatever, she wanted to be raptured and wasn’t and her impatience drove her to false-judgment and confusion. People lost all faith, and that was the point of opening that “thinny”, to make all things seem bleak and terrifying. And even in that horror we must persevere and never give up, remain patient and faithful even in the darkness now that hope will win.

    None of these characters did as such. He gave up, and lost hope. And that was his biggest mistake. It cost him the life of his son, but Carol from TWD made it through the MIST unharmed and saved her kids.

    It was the best ending in a movie. Stephen King said it best in DT VII. I paraphrase, “Endings aren’t meant to be good. They are cold and heartless.”

    Still waiting for Near Dark, Thanks for the spoiler. lol. It is the journey, not the ending that matters.

    I would have to say that Dracula 3000 should be on there. if you can suffer through this piece and see the ending(or lack thereof)you would know why that should have been number one.

  • Dreaddy

    Scream 2 ending, Fail. Agreed.

  • Rachel Robles

    I respectfully disagree about Scream 2. Mickey practically had “I AM GHOSTFACE” tattooed on his forehead, so the second killer being Mrs. Loomis was a nice twist for me. Plus if the first movie asks, “Who do you blame if not the movies?” The second movie answers, “The family”.

  • Brian Russell

    This one might be too easy, since the whole film is a mess, but “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning” has the exact same ending as “The Final Chapter” — will Tommy carry on as Jason? And, of course, “Jason Lives” starts with saying, no way!

  • Stitches

    The “Safe Haven” short in VHS2 had me until the demon baby chased final dude out of the compound and called him “papa.” It was like watching your favorite team lose their massive lead in the last few minutes of the game. Terrible.

    • Cidthunder

      I really liked that part of VHS2 even though it made no sense what so ever. VHS2 was a pretty good movie until it’s actual ending came around that’s when it kinda of f***ed up.

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