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5 Horror Movies With Horrible Endings!!!

As often as the importance of endings is stated, it can never be stated loud enough. Can you have a reasonably enjoyable film with a bad ending? Sure, there are plenty. Just as there are more bad films than good films, there are more bad endings than good endings (even amongst good films). We’ve all got our share of favorites that start sputtering around the end of act 2. Sunshine comes to mind. It’s an absolutely brilliant film for much of its running time and it might be regarded as a classic if it hadn’t turned so many people off in the final reels.

But whether or not a film is good or bad – the ending is the last impression its audience will have. A bad one can devalue an otherwise good film or it can be the cherry on top of a truly bad one. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 Horror Films With Horrible Endings. Notice I didn’t say the worst endings – I figure it’ll take another few pieces to get to the bottom of that. Also, if you’re in need of a pick-me-up check out 5 Horror Movies With Amazing Endings!

Head inside to check it out! And submit your votes in the comments for which bad endings should make the next piece!


I was cool with Timothy Olyphant’s Mickey being Ghostface, but once Laurie Metcalfe dropped the guise of Debbie Salt and revealed herself as Mrs. Loomis (mother of Skeet Ulrich’s Billy Loomis from the original) the whole movie just craters. A half-baked explanation about her meeting Mickey in some online chat room only makes it worse. In fact, the series never really recovered from this, did it? The problems of Scream 3 and Scream 4 don’t have much to do with that scene, but the moments right before Laurie Metcalfe walks through that door mark the last time a Scream film truly felt like a breath of fresh air.


This movie cuts some significant corners when it allows its entire final battle to take place offscreen.


A slightly better movie than Creature, but a URL isn’t an ending. Skipping the 3rd act altogether is not a recommended solution to your 3rd act problems.


Before you kill me – I love this movie! And it has a great third act! My only beef is with Caleb and Mae’s blood transfusions. If you can get infected by just one vampire bite, then wouldn’t the clean blood you’re pumping into a vampire get infected if there was even just one drop of vampire blood left in that body? Wouldn’t you have to remove every last iota of infected blood (thus destroying the patient) before you started the transfusion? If you feel like you can explain this to me in a satisfactory way – go ahead. Whomever changes my mind gets a free Blu-ray.


I like how it tries to riff on Part One’s ending, but I found the mid-awards show werewolf transformation pretty ridiculous. Even on my first viewing when I was 10. Not that the rest of Howling 3 is any good. It isn’t. But when your last few moments manage to top the entirety of the transcendentally bad film that preceded them, you know you’ve got a sh*tty ending.

What are some of your favorite bad endings?




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