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TV: Awww! Watch Alan Ball Say Goodbye To “True Blood”!!

HBO just aired the last episode of “True Blood”‘s Fifth Season, “Save Yourself”, last night. Not only did it mark the last episode of the season, it marked creator Alan Ball’s last episode as the series’ showrunner. Now we have a video (which apparently aired before last night’s episode) of his goodbye to the show.

Listen, I’ve been fairly vocal about the fact that I’m not a huge “True Blood” fan. I was okay with parts of the first season along with parts of the second. I liked what I saw of this season (I think I saw 4 episodes this year) more than whatever was happening with the show last year but ultimately couldn’t bring myself to like it as much as some of you guys do. It’s just not my thing.

That being said – respect. Ball really did create something special here. As much as it’s just not for me – it resonates with a huge amount of people and there’s something to be said for that. It’s a tricky thing to pull off for one year, let alone five. And Ball’s prior show, Six Feet Under, is one of my all time favorite programs – so I know I’ll at least be tuning in to check out whatever he does next. I’m legitimately excited to see what he comes up with next.

Godspeed, Alan Ball. At least you gave me Jessica. Head inside for the video.



  • djblack1313

    the finale last night was EXCELLENT! Nora is a fucking Goddess (she’s so HOT!), Rosalyn’s scene with Sam was the best SPOILER……..

    kill in the entire show’s run……..Tara & Pam=hot & awesome! even though i didn’t love the Russell character (i love Dennis O’hare though!) them killing him off the first 5 minutes and in such a meh way was kinda lame. why bring him back to have him go out so anti-climactically.———-


    i can’t wait for next season. season 5 was excellent! it reignited my love for the show (which hasn’t been here since season 2).

  • jan1s

    I’d love the finale ep. but also hate it. Want to see next season bad. Wondering if it changes now Alan Ball is gone.

  • wildgator25

    Evan, I think I am in the minority with you. This season was chock full of idiotic plots and subplots, more-so than any season before. I was extremely disappointed with… ***Spoilers Below***

    … the piss-poor way Russell was killed off. The entire storyline with Terry and the Ifrit was a waste of TV time. The dialogue between the characters comes off as if it were written by a juvenile. Everyone in the town has some type of “power”, otherwise they are complete morons. For instance, the Judge wants the Sheriff to do away with a speeding ticket for his grandson (don’t quote me on the particulars as this season was too boring to go back to find out the exact roles). Anyways, never mind all the fucking murders and other various heinous crimes, let’s get the grandson out of the ticket howboutit? The deputy with the retarded slang gets on my nerves as he is a pointless attempt at comedy. Hoyt stuck around for 2 seasons too long, good riddance (for now, until he comes back as some type of non-human). Jason has floated around aimlessly all season until the last episode, now he has “powers” liken to Lafayette. Speaking of Lafayette, he is the lamest brujo this side of the Mississippi. He has the power to possess cars, but still works as a cook at the one bar in town. I say one bar, because I am surprised that these morons are not full of beer/liquor 24/7/365 to cope with the crazy shit that happens on a daily basis. And, I don’t know how your job functions, but normally there is a manager/owner of some capacity on site most of the time, not a business where the employees come and go as please and can literally get away with murder on company premises with no recourse.

    *** End Spoilers (as if any of the above would actually Spoil anything) ***

    This show is just a comedic shell of what it once was. The first 3 seasons were great, but now it’s gone downhill. The storylines are so convoluted and the writers show no sign of making any sense of what is happening in this town, much less the entire world. You have to take this show with a huge grain of salt and look at it for the hot women I guess, because there ain’t much horror or story to keep you interested. If it weren’t for watching this with someone else, trust me… I would have stopped watching last season.

  • Decapitated_Dave

    Well spoken. I lean on the ambivalent side of True Blood, as well (and I agree Jessica is one of the best things to happen to me). Alan’s resume speaks for itself. He manages to always incorporate an gritty film over his projects (as best exemplified with Six). I’ll watch his next project.

  • wildgator25

    I don’t mean for my comments to come off as a direct stab at Alan Ball. I absolutely loved Six Feet Under, so much so that I have the collector’s edition with the astroturf on the top of the set. But the difference between that show and this (other than the supernatural), is that Ball didn’t pigeonhole himself with the story like he has contributed towards in True Blood. This could be due to the fact of trying to stay true to the books, but trying to be original as well and implementing ideas that weren’t well thought out.

    I wish the best for Alan Ball, but I won’t be subscribing to Cinemax to watch Banshee.

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