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‘RoboCop’ Director Speaks On Rumors Of Behind-the-Scenes Drama



Latino Review translated an interview over at Cinema en Cena where Jose Padilha, director of the RoboCop remake, responds to allegations made by City of God director Fernando Meirelles that he was having a horrid time with the project.

I have a script I’m happy with and I got the cast I have picked,” said Padilha in a rough translation. “The director of photography is Lula Carvalho, my editor is Daniel Rezende (City of God, Elite Squad, The Tree of Life). I was even consulted for the selection of the producers.

When asked about the rumors of him having a bad time while in pre-production for RoboCop:

We deal with those difficulties with coolness and familiarity.

Padilha obviously wouldn’t publicly slam the studio or producers – not to mention it’s not all that shocking to hear about trouble behind-the-scenes. Directors are (and should be) artists, and making a movie is a collaborative process. butting heads is part of the process, especially when you’re new.

RoboCop is being rebuilt for August 9, 2013.


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