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Green Day Release Awful Video For “Kill The DJ”

Green Day have released an uncensored [naughty language] video for “Kill The DJ”, the second single off their upcoming album Uno!, which comes out Sept. 25th (pre-order on iTunes). And, as the headline suggests, the video is pretty damn awful.

The video starts with the band riding motorcycles in the desert, all while being filmed in black and white (oh, edgy!). Suddenly we’re transported into a nightclub with people dancing to the music (sorry, but this isn’t club music, so I don’t buy the scene). The band walk oh so coolly through the crowd, people melting out of their way. However, their age is quite apparent and instead of seeming like awesome people they just look really out of place. Then, the band is playing on stage while singing, “Shoot the f*cking DJ!”. The problem is that there is no DJ to be seen in this video. And since the band is the only source of music, does that mean we should shoot them? Uhh, okay?

While the song might be a bit catchy (only because it doesn’t sound like normal Green Day material), the video is just plain garbage. Watch it below if you so desire.

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  • Decapitated_Dave


  • Radicalex

    Didn’t pay attention to the video, but that was some bad music. Good holy christ that was painful. I’m not into living in the past, but I think every time Green Day comes out with a new album now, I’m just going to pretend it’s 39 Smooth and I just bought it and I’m so amped to spin that album, and it’ll all be okay.

  • apatheticnimrod

    When they say “kill the DJ,” they literally mean kill the DJs and bring back real music, instead of people just sitting behind laptops. This is a criticism of modern music artists. Green Day is saying they want the good old days back (black and white, riding motorcycles), instead of clubs where people dance to shit music (which is why they look so bored in the club). Don’t be do quick to judge. You think the song sounds bad? Good, they want you to.

    • Decapitated_Dave

      They’ve succeeded admirably.