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[Exclusive] Evans Blue Bassist Joe Pitter Shares His Top 10 Scenes From “The Walking Dead”



It’s only two days until Season 3 of The Walking Dead premieres and I could not be more excited! But I’m not the only one. Turns out Evans Blue bassist Joe Pitter is a huge fan of the show as well. And to show his excitement, he has put together his Top 10 scenes from Season 1 and 2. Check out this exclusive list below and leave a comment with your favorite scene!

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#10 S1 E2Guts
Rick and Glen have to go get a truck from a street crawling with walkers so they chop up a walker with an ax and put the guts and blood all over them to smell like the dead. It’s pretty gross putting intestines and internal organs around their neck but it works. Also in his human life the one they cut up was an organ donor to put a funny twist on it. The reactions from the characters are pretty much what I was doing watching it!

#9 S2 E8Nebraska
When Rick and Glenn find Hershel in a bar after seeing the walkers his family used to be killed. Here they run into Dave and Tony who seem okay at first but soon find out that all they are looking for is to take advantage of the group and harm their families. When the two reveal their true nature they draw on Rick who takes them both out. This to me is significant because it is the first living people that he has to kill. It shows they have to be cautious of everyone now, living and dead.

#8 S2 E4Cherokee Rose
Maggie makes a move on Glen in the pharmacy and they get it on. I thought it was note worthy because he’s a VERY under rated character gettin’ some from a cute girl. A bass player can appreciate that!

#7 S2 E13Beside The Dying Fire
The battle between the walkers and the group. With the group getting split up and many deaths and the barn burning in the background it is like their whole world is crashing down. The families will never be the same and the place they once called home is now somewhere they can’t be safe anymore. It’s one of the largest scenes in the series with the most carnage for both sides. It also splits Andrea from the group who has become one of the stronger characters but i’m sure she feels abandoned and I can’t wait to see how that plays out in the upcoming episodes.

#6 S1 E5Wildfire
The scene after walkers attack the camp, thought to have been sent my Merle as an act of revenge, is pretty heavy. Carol’s husband died and when they are going body to body to make sure they won’t come back, she tells Darryl she will take care of it. She starts hitting his head with a pick ax and doesn’t stop until it’s mush. This is her taking out anger of abuse for years at his hand. I quite enjoyed seeing that. Also in this scene Andrea is protecting her sister Amy’s body from being harmed after she was also killed. When she comes back as a zombie, Andrea holds her back and tells her how sorry she was for the things she had done wrong while she was alive hoping part of Amy was left to hear it before she shot her to put her out of her misery.

#5 S2 E3Save the Last One
Otis and Shane went to get medical supplies to save Carl at the school where a FEMA center was put up. After obtaining all the things they needed, they were getting chased by walkers and to save himself Shane shoots Otis to give himself more time to escape. He lies about how Otis died and is never the same after killing him.

#4 S2 E1 “What Lies Ahead”
It was a beautiful moment with a wild deer. While searching for Sophie, Carl sees a wild deer come across the path and wants to get closer. Rick and Shane were both happy watching Carl as he had the chance to see one so close for the first time in his life and as he steps closer, almost close enough to touch it, a shot comes from the other side going through the deer into Carl. There is happiness and fear wrapped up together like they won’t be able to ever have one without the other.

#3 S2 E11Judge, Jury, Executioner
Dales death. He was the voice of reason most times and kept fighting to keep the groups humanity. He met his gruesome end in the field where a walker surprises him and rips into his chest. The walker is killed before Dale dies so Darryl does the right thing and pulls the trigger as Dale can’t speak but presses his head against the barrel. The sadness is also compounded by Carl recognizing the walker as one he had seen earlier in the day and was too scared to kill yet told no one about it.

#2 S2 E12Better Angels
Shane leads Rick into the woods in search of Randall, which Shane has already killed in order to get Rick alone with the intention of killing him. As they walk Rick understands the real reason he is out there, Shane wants to kill him to be with his wife. Rick calls him out on it and he tries to reason with him, then they struggle and Shane is stabbed. Soon after Carl walks up and not knowing what just happened shoots Shane as he returns as a walker, saving Rick. This also proves the secret that Rick has been keeping about everyone being is infected true.

#1 S2 E7Pretty Much Dead Already
Final scene of the episode where Shane, in a fit, breaks open the barn door where Hershel was keeping the walkers that used to be his family and friends. Hershel has to watch his loved ones die yet again as they are shot down. When they thought they had all been taken care of, out walks Sophie, the girl they had all been searching for and risking their lives to do so. The members who had been shooting are all shocked and can’t bring themselves to shoot. Rick who was not a part of it walks forward and raises his gun and shoots her. It shows he is a leader and can do the most difficult things in order to protect his family. It is by far one of the most touching parts of the series so far so I had to make it #1.

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