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Two New ‘Bait 3D’ Clips Need A Little Help With Something In The Water

Anchor Bay Films is gearing up for the September 18th release of Bait 3D on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack. Natively shot in 3D, special features include includes a gallery of original production storyboards.

We’ve got two new clips for you today, both of which deal with characters making the unfortunate discovery that there are sharks in the supermarket with them.

Opening in select theaters on September 14th, “This intense 3D thriller tells the story of a group of survivors in a sleepy beach town who suddenly find themselves trapped inside a submerged supermarket, following a freak tsunami. As they try to escape to safety, they soon discover that there is a predator among them more deadly than the threat of drowning—vicious great white sharks lurking in the water, hungry for fresh meat. As the bloodthirsty sharks begin to pick the survivors off one by one, the group realizes that they must work together to find a way out without being eaten alive.

Bait 3D features an ensemble cast including Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), Sharni Vinson (Step Up 3D, You’re Next), Alex Russell (Chronicle), and Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four).

Head inside to check out the clips!



  • MakeThisAMovies

    A) I love movies where people are confined to one general location…guess it’s a claustrophobia thing.
    B) That second clip actually showed promise.
    C) Me, my friends, a couple bottles of wine and some pizza – that’s the best way to enjoy a flick like this.

    Also, if you’re a Halloween fan – check out a petition I started to help bring Michael Myers back properly:

    Thanks to those who have already shown their support. The fans shall not be ignored!

  • I’ll only watch for Xavier samuel…wasn’t this the plot for a possible deep blue sea sequel a few years back (deep red sea) only it was going to be a resort that had an earthquake??

  • Marty McFly

    I’ve been following this movie for what feels like three years now. That second clip was great. Can’t wait for this, I wanted to see it in theaters, but I guess the DVD will have to do. Thank god for the R rating because if this turned out to be another bullshit Shark Night type of movie I’d be pissed.

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