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Review: ‘Wonderland’ #2

It was recently reported that the #1 issue of Zenescope Entertainment’s new Wonderland ongoing series has become the best-selling comic to ever be published by the company. Following in the footsteps of the original “Wonderland” trilogy (“Return to Wonderland”, “Beyond Wonderland”, “Escape from Wonderland”), the new “Wonderland” is rightfully continuing its tradition of being Zenescope’s most popular series to date. And after reading the first 2 issues, it’s not difficult to understand why. Writer, Raven Gregory, picks up the story years after Alice Liddle’s daughter, protagonist Calie Liddle, escaped the horrors of Wonderland. It chronicles the nightmarish adventures she, and her now teenaged daughter Violet, face as they’re constantly on the run, trying to evade the Queen of Spades and her evil minions.

WRITTEN BY: Raven Gregory
COLOURED : Felipe Gaona
PUBLISHED BY : Zenescope Entertainment

Finally settling in a small town in hopes of establishing a normal life for themselves, issue #2 focuses on Violet persuading her mother into letting her attend a local high school. The madness of Wonderland clearly still weighing heavily on Calie’s shoulders as a verbally intense confrontation erupts between her and Violet, after the latter comes home late causes her to fear for the worst. Meanwhile, the abused young boy who returned from a carnival with the Mad Hatter’s hat in #1, spreads the hat’s madness onto residents of the town, leading to a cliffhanger that could result in Calie’s worst nightmare. While all of this is happening, over in Wonderland the Queen of Spades continues to build her army.

This is a strong comic from cover to cover that is becoming increasingly morbid in nature. Gregory combines the realistic and common theme of mother/daughter drama with the grim characteristics of a slasher film in effortless fashion. Gregory deserves a lot of praise for being able to spin a tale with a massive scope that comes across so naturally. With each page, he offers more character development and well executed storytelling.

Artist Sheldon Goh pencils this issue, taking over the role from V Ken Marion, and he doesn’t beat around the bush. He seems to understand the concept of ‘less is more’ regarding the graphic killing scenes, by successfully portraying an outrageously horrific moment without resorting to an excessive explicit detail. Goh does not give everything away in his art, leaving much of the horrors to the imagination of the reader.

#3 comes out next month, and there’s no doubt Raven Gregory and team will deliver an even better issue. “Wonderland” is definitely a series to look out for.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – ShadowJayd



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