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New Red Band ‘V/H/S’ Clip From Radio Silence!

V/H/S is now available on various On Demand platforms (a month before its October 5 theatrical release!)! While iTunes (AppleTV) has it, it’s also hitting Amazon, Charter, Comcast, Google Play, DirecTV, Playstation 3, SuddenLink, Time Warner, VUDU and Xbox Zune via Magnet Releasing. You can find out exactly where to rent it by clicking here.

The filmmakers include Adam Wingard (You’re Next, A Horrible Way to Die, Pop Skull), Simon Barrett (You’re Next, Dead Birds, Red Sands), Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Roost, The Innkeepers), David Bruckner (The Signal), Joe Swanberg (Silver Bullets), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead), along with YouTube sensations Radio Silence. Now we have an awesome clip from the film’s final segment (which is the favorite of more than a few people), from Radio Silence, that really sends the movie out with a bang.

Head inside for the clip!



  • MakeThisAMovies

    I’m curious to know how well this doing in it’s first full week of release. Any info? And, if you’ve yet to check this out – do it now. Despite the found footage angle it is far from stale.

    Also, if you’re a Halloween fan – check out a petition I started to help bring Michael Myers back properly:

    Thanks to those who have already shown support. The fans shall be heard!

    • Dr_Loomis

      Is it really necessary for you to include your plea for people to sign your petition in just about every commment you make?

      • MakeThisAMovies

        I’m fully aware it can be annoying but yes, it is. It’s important to me and I realize not everybody is going to see it at one time. I reached out to BD to post an article and I understand why they can’t. If they did, every guy with a kickstarter page and a petition of his own would want to be on the site. So, I get that. But this is about the only way to get the word out. I don’t have millions of dollars to spend on press kits and advertisement. I don’t have a direct line to Dimension or Malek Akkad. I’ve sent both a letter, but that doesn’t mean they will respond. As I assume you are a fan of the Halloween series you should be happy that someone is taking their time to try a jolt the franchise back to life.

        Zachary Paul

        Oh and P.S.
        Also, if you’re a Halloween fan – check out a petition I started to help bring Michael Myers back properly:

        Thanks to those who have already shown their support. The fans shall not be ignored!

        • Sloppy Joe Cocky

          *Facepalm* There are numerous methods you could utilize to “get the word out” for your petition, and more effective one’s at that. Spamming every Bloody-Disgusting article with the exact same post about getting people to sign a petition that promotes you creating the next Halloween film isn’t going to help your cause. In fact, I’m fairly certain that most people are being put-off by you and your “cause” each and every time they load up an article to see such boring, copy-and-paste repetition. Come on, man. I’m all for supporting the whole “fan’s dream” idea, but there’s absolutely no appeal in supporting you if you’re not creative enough to determine and implement other means – hell, even posts that differentiate from one another – to promote your story. And hash-tags don’t work anywhere other than Twitter, so that was the proverbial “nail in the coffin.” I’ll sign your petition when you show that you’re more than spam on par with the Cougar Dating ad’s.

          • djblack1313

            i have to admit it’s getting annoying to see this petition spam on EVERY comment you make, Makethisamovies. your constant inclusion of this petition has actually made me NOT want to sign it/help you.

          • MakeThisAMovies

            I’m not going to continue the argument beyond this. If you know of other means to spread the word than please help me out here. I’m wide open to suggestions. I’m on Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, and I’ve sent out query letters to the offices of those involved in the series. I would prefer help from the horror community and not unproductive hate. I’m not interested in “spamming” people. This is different because I would believe it to be something that speaks to you. I have no interest whether you want to date my daddy or not or buy steeply discounted Nikes. If you would be happy with Platinum Dunes taking the reigns of the Halloween franchise then I suppose this petition isn’t for you anyway.

            The copy and paste is merely a way to keep things quick. This isn’t the ONLY thing I do, and it’s certainly not the only thing I’ve done to try and spread the word. I have to keep moving. I’m trying to gain momentum, and every time I’ve posted my annoying link another two or three comments pop up. It’s little but that’s what it takes. Hollywood responds to this shit because it garners attention if the amount of signatures is large enough.

            I’ve shot two feature films in the past five years. The first, Defiled, was a pile of crap because I had no idea what I was doing but I learned from it, and it was the coolest experience of my life. The second, Never Have I Ever, is shaping up to be a million times better and I’m very proud of it. The problem is I can write/shoot/direct but I’m not a great editor so it’s taking me a long time to finish it up. WHY? Because I don’t have the means to hire someone; I can’t bank on a studio footing the bill. I’m an indie writer/director who has been a huge fan of the series since birth. I’m passionate, and with the correct resources make one hell of a film to please all of you guys.

            I wish there was an outlet for undiscovered talent. Agencies don’t give 27 year old dudes from Birmingham, AL a second look. On top of all of this I work a full time job and struggle to pay my bills. But, I’m not after this for money. I want it because it is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I ran screaming from my brother’s room the moment Jason Vorhees drove an ice pick through Alice’s head, but I wanted more. I wanted to be the one to send kid’s screaming out of the room.

            So, yeah, I’ve no doubt the repetitive nature of my posts are annoying, but I just need your guys’ help. I genuinely believe I can bring Michael Myers back in a big way. I know that not every single person is going to see my post on only one article. I’ll cut back but I have to keep doing it until I get the right response from the right people.

            Thanks Again.
            Zachary Paul

  • SelfishMan912

    been meaning to rent this and watch it with friends, but $10 is a little steep for only a 2 day rental on demand. i’m still gonna rent it, but god damn, wish i could have it for a little longer for the price.

    • EvanDickson

      Price goes down after theatrical window if you want to wait.

    • numberthirty

      I’d strongly suggest waiting.

    • If this were in the theater, it would be $10 and you would only get to watch it once. At least with a 2 Day rental, you can watch it multiple times for the same price. $10 is far from steep, regardless of your financial disposition.

  • xxEnOxx

    After watching the film, I would say this clip (which runs in the last segment) was by far the best in the movie. VHS will be going into my “What do I want to watch for some good horror fun” home collection.

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