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[Album Review] Assembly Of Light ‘Assembly Of Light’



Sometimes one has to culture oneself, be it going to a museum, reading a fine piece of literature, or listening to some music that pushes our boundaries. And so it was that I unknowingly embraced an opportunity to do just that by listening to the self-titled album from Assembly Of Light. Utilizing a 20+ piece female choir over some hypnotic, beautiful music, this release offers gorgeous, haunting melodies that are perfect for fans of the metal genre who wish to expand their horizons. Read on for my full review.

Opening with “Insides”, the album begins subtly with crystalline notes humming. Then a piano comes in with sparse notes, preceding the choir who enter with melodies sans any words. It is a gentle, glorious piece that is incredibly easy to get lost in. It is one of those songs that you put on, close your eyes, and let the music drift you away on wave after gentle wave of beauty.

The next track, “Transition”, is a far more sinister, foreboding piece. Thunderous, rumbling, distorted bass and guitars drone in the background while sparse drums burst like gunshots rhythmically. As the choir sings, suddenly a frantic, screaming voice enters the background, the words indiscernible. At the halfway point, the song shifts into a more positive, uplifting sermon.

While I won’t go on to describe the other four tracks of the album (hey, I have to leave some surprises for you, don’t I?), know that they are just as fascinating and pleasurable to hear.

The Final Word: Completely secular yet as grand as any cathedral choir, Assembly Of Light have released an ethereal album that is best listened to as a whole.

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