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‘X’ Returns In November From Dark Horse

In another exciting announcement from Dark Horse Comics, the company has revealed that the vigilante superhero book “X” will be relaunched in November by writer Duane Swierczynski (“Bloodshot”, “Birds of Prey”) and artist Eric Nguyen (“Strange Girl”, “Halo”). The character will be reintroduced starting in “Dark Horse Presents” #19 for the first of a three-part serial before launching his own series in early 2013.

The news comes hot on the heels of the company’s resurrection of “Ghost”, which followed similar fashion by premiering in “Dark Horse Presents” and will launch her own series in October. More below.

Both “X” and “Ghost” were first introduced as part of a shared Dark Horse superhero line in the early 90s that also birthed characters like “Barb Wire”. “X” was a vigilante hero that cleaned up the mean streets of Arcadia by marking criminals with an X. The first mark was a warning shot and the second was the kiss of death for anyone that crossed him. During the titles 25 issue run they established X as character that was like a Molotov cocktail mixture of the Punisher’s brutal street justice and Batman’s abilty to master hand-to-hand combat.

For more, see CBR for some preview art.



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