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5 Reasons You Should Be Reading ’30 Days Of Night: Ongoing’



IDW has taken the “30 Days of Night” story to the next level over the past year, making it a full ongoing series. With new of the “Criminal Macabre” crossover event coming this winter, it’s about time you got caught up with Eben and the rest of the blood suckers. While volume 1 of the “30 Days of Night” ongoing received many mixed reviews, it doesn’t set the tone for all facets of the story line. Niles and Mitten quickly turned that around with volume 2, which is a worthy addition to the paramount “30 Days of Night” series. I present to you 5 reasons why it’s worth shelling out the coin for this book.

1) The BEST kind of Vampire

This is my all time favorite form of the vampire, and those familiar with the original series or the film will know what I mean. Blood thirsty, reckless monsters that care more about viciously tearing out throats than anything else. With so many vampire books and TV shows around that continue to damage the vamp-reputation, books like “30 Days of Night” breathe life into the pop culture fad that vampires have become. These are dark and twisted vamps, mouth’s full of razor sharp, 5-inch teeth. There’s no simple bite with these guys, its more of a gaping abyss where a neck used to be.

2) Art that leaves nothing to the imagination

I was not a fan of the artistic style in volume 1 but the difference between that and volume 2 is astronomical. The first volume took the sketchiness of the comic way too far, almost to the point that the characters looked like stick figures. In volume 2, Mitten uses the sketchiness as a tool rather than a crutch which plays beautifully into the story. Coupled with a wonderful colouring job, the art sells the creepy vampire look that’s become associated with the “30 Days of Night” series.

3) Blood and gore anyone?

Like excessive amounts of blood, gore, and violence? This book is literally dripping with blood and death. As I stated above, these vamps don’t just bite and suck; they tear throats open and shower in the subsequent blood spurts. Anyone who is unfamiliar with this series who is partial to hyper violence better pick up a copy because you will not be disappointed.

4) Blood-gushing thrill ride

The book starts off with a bang as Ebon goes on an enormous killing spree and the killing doesn’t stop after that. The story keeps up the exhilarating pace as Ebon begins form an undead army that he plans to take through the street of Los Angeles. Throughout the series, Nile’s foreshadows that the book will likely be concluding sometime soon, bringing us to the next point

5) “Criminal Macabre: Final Night – The 30 Days of Night Crossover”

The awesome publisher crossover event that begins in December is one that you won’t want to miss. Niles promises this event will mean the end for one of the titles. Since volume 2, only one single issue has dropped of “30 Days of Night”, which continues the story of vamps in L.A.. I feel as though the book will only heat up leading into the “Criminal Macabre” events. With the looming IDW/Dark Horse crossover in sight, I expect the Cal Vs. Eben battle to be epic (check out a preview here).

Written by – GreenBasterd


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