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[OMFG] James Cameron Planned A “Nastier, Much Nastier” Version Of ‘Jurassic Park’!

I love playing the “what if?” game, especially when it comes to major films and incredibly powerful filmmakers. This one is the size of a dinosaur.

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite films. It never even crossed my mind that someone else may have ended up adapting the Michael Crichton novel. But what if James Cameron, known for his darker fare such as The Terminator and Aliens, ended up directing?

The filmmaker with the world’s two highest-grossing films under his belt revealed to HuffPost UK that he had always wanted to make the film Jurassic Park, but was beaten to it by Jaws director Steven Spielberg.

I tried to buy the book rights and he beat me to it by a few hours,” Cameron revealed at the recently-opened “Titanic Museum” in Belfast, where the ship he brought to the big screen was designed and crafted back at the beginning of last century.

But when I saw the film, I realized that I was not the right person to make the film, he was. Because he made a dinosaur movie for kids, and mine would have been aliens with dinosaurs, and that wouldn’t have been fair.

Dinosaurs are for 8-year-olds. We can all enjoy it, too, but kids get dinosaurs and they should not have been excluded for that. His sensibility was right for that film, I’d have gone further, nastier, much nastier.

Spielberg’s 1993 film, which stars Sam Neill and Laura Dern, is nearly $1 billion worldwide. Universal is post-converting the film for 3-D release on April 5, 2013 – that should tip the iceberg and set the stage for the already announced 3-D remake.



  • DeathValzer

    I’ve always wanted to see a grittier version of the book (which was indeed “R rated”), like a miniseries or something.

  • Mintica90s

    the difference is that James Cameron will bring tons of money into this kind of project and it will only further stray father away from the original novel. I would rather see Jurassic Park 4 then going back to square 1 and starting all over again. also , if you look back at the first 2 films , the original film is actually half of the 1st novel. and the waterfall scene in the 2nd film was actually apart of the 1st book. the explonation of why the dinosaurs are mutated is not even mentioned too much in the original film and even alan grant mentions them as if they were born like that. the novel actually gives some scientific theories on why some of the dinosaurs mutated based on genetic cloning and messing with their dna. Diolophosaurs dont have frills and venmous spit , and Velociraptor’s are actually not that big as the film suggests. in the book , or at least in terms of actual dinosaurs , it would more likely be a Deinonychus. I personally want to see some Carnotaurs in a 4th film especially how they were described as chameleon like hunters.

    • wehoaks

      did you even read the post or just the headline?

      • Mintica90s

        yes , I did. I’m just commenting. all i said was that if james cameron made a remake it would be furhter than the novel. I know full well this isnt real. I think the bottom statement was me joking that if James Cameron remade Jurassic Park , then in return Steven Speilburg should remake The Abyss. look , just because I leave a comment , it doesnt mean that I didnt read the article. dont jump to conclusions to quickly just because of what I typed here. I certianly dont want to start arguing over a fake topic. ok? just let it go.

        • Mintica90s

          all I did was state my opinion. nothing more , nothing less. even if the topic of remaking Jurassic Park is fake , even if the topic itself is mentioned , my opinion still stands that I would rather see Jurassic Park 4 instead of a remake. and I based that opinion after comparring the original film to the original book. there’s nothing wrogn with a “what if…” topic , even if the idea isnt real , that doesnt change my opinion based on it. I can go online and state that Ridley Scott is making a live action film based on Metroid , and that doesnt make it true. but as long as people have their opinions based on it , then I dont think it really truly matters and I dont think it’s worth arguing about it in the long run if you ask me no matter what the topic is. I can try to defend myself , and people will go further to proove their statement like it does matter. I have seen people be extremely nasty to others on blogs because their statement wasnt 100% on topic , but that doesnt mean that the person was stupid or retarded. I think the topic is interesting , but I would say the same answer regardless if the topic was real or fake. no disrespect or hard feelings in return. just trying to make a point. nothing more , nothing less.

  • Mintica90s

    if james cameron re-made Jurassic Park , then I think Steven Speilburg should remake The Abyss. an equal exchange to balance it out.

  • djblack1313

    Cameron also said (i don’t know why it’s not posted in this article) “”I’d have gone further,” says the Avatar director. “Nastier, much nastier… [M]ine would have been ‘Aliens’ with dinosaurs”. that’s awesome! i would love to have seen that movie! i’d say maybe he could still do a movie like that but Cameron will be buys for the nextr million years making AVATAR movies. lol.

  • murdermakesmecum666

    as long as it’s rated r i’m down.

    • wehoaks

      Did you even read the post? He isn’t remaking it.

  • djblack1313

    oh, quote addition comes from Comingsoon..

  • flesheater24

    Lame 🙁 I want to see a darker verison but I guess thats why I have carnosaur LMFAOOOO

    • Mintica90s

      it’s funny since Carnosaur came out 2 weeks prior to Jurassic Park and wqas suppose to be dark , and sucked. it’s also weird how both films were not only released in the same year , but are both adaptations based on novels. Carnosaur as a novel was only a few years older than the Jurassic Park novel. imagine if they screwed up a film adaptation of Meg. also , how the hell do horror fans like us even remember that particular film? goes to show that even I can sit down and watch un-remembered horror films like Event Horizon & The Relic. lets just hope no one dares to remake Jaws. I cant even bare the thought of such a thing existing. it would be just as bad and lazy as remaking The Exorcist. hey , if they made a remake of The Dark Knight Rises , it would be called Citizen Bane.

      • djblack1313

        Mintica90s i LOVE The Relic! i saw it when it originally aired in theaters and many times since. it’s an underappreciated little gem IMO. and speaking of shark movies, i just watched BAIT (or BAIT 3D) and it’s not worth seeing in theaters guys. the shark fx are abysmal and are on par with JAWS 3. so just a friendly warning.

        • Mintica90s

          I have seen Jaws 3 and I already knew it sucked. Jaws The Revenge sucked more. beyond Jaws , there are many other forgotten horror films based on fish that didnt get a remake besides Pirahna. Tiger Shark , Barracuda , Lake Placid , even Deep Blue Sea. one of my favorite under-rated horror films from the 90’s is the 1st two Wishmaster films. I think the Djinn is one of the most powerful villains of all slasher films. why? unlike Pinhead and Freddy Krueger who were once human before their transformation into demons , the Djinn was always gifted with supernatural powers and was able to control souls through wishes. simply , he cant die….at all. the Djinn said it best ” That Which Is Eternal Cannot Die”. truly one of the most under-rated slasher films I have ever seen.

        • Mintica90s

          yeah Lake Placid was about a crocodile , ran out of fish based films. there has been many other forgotten horrror films from the 90’s. like Virus , The Faculty , Candyman , Dr. Giggles , Demonic Toys , The Lawnmower Man , Wolf , Sleepwalkers , Mosquito , Lord Of Illusions , Village Of The Damned , The Dentist , Thinner , The Devil’s Advocate , Mimic , Sphere , Urban Legend , and American Psycho. uh , just to name a few.

        • Mintica90s

          and just to clarify , I also liked The Relic. I also thought that Sphere was a very highly under-rated film based soly on it’s complex ideas. I have looked into cult classics on demand like Darkman & The Shadow , 2 comic book films from the 90’s. hell , I spent one night trying to find any movie that would suck. and I ended up watching Surf Nazi’s Must Die. I saw American Psycho on HBO before I went to washington dc to see The Dark Knight Rises at the imax. and it certianly a hard one to discuss about. Christian Bale definatley looked more like a business man when he was younger. I think he aged pretty well over the years. man , from American Psycho , To Equalibrium , to Reign Of Fire , to Batman , & even Terminator.

        • Mintica90s

          as you can see , I know my films quite well. how do I remember such old titles? memory. I have a very strong extensive memory from someone who is highly creative and is a visual thinker. your talking to someone who even remembers 90’s cartoon show like Street Sharks and Mighty Max. even primetime network shows like Sliders , Celeberty Deathmatch , even NBC’s Viper. I design characters as well and make videos. a huge chunk of my ideas and designs come from multiple sources of inspiration. I myself know how hard it is to work on designs since I have been doing it for officially 13 years since Wednesday November 10 , 1999. the farthest back my memory goes is 1989 when I was only 3 years old. and both of my oldest memories are based on the little mermaid. it was the first film I have ever seen , period.

        • Mintica90s

          well , 1st movie I have ever seen in a movie theater. the other oldest memory is based on the mcdonalds commercial. since I myself have collected 300 nostalgic commercials from the 80’s & 90’s , I discovered that very same commercial directly from you tube. and it was exactly how I remembered it. my memory was strong enough to remember that oldest duo of memories even after 23 years later. again , I was only 3 years old in 1989. it takes practice and devotion to be able to do everything that I can do. and that’s not the only skill I have learned over the past years.

  • Evil_Flip

    I would actually be cool to see a more ‘Aliens’ kinda movie with Jp4. But since Cameron is to busy with making movies I don’t want to see I’d like to see Niell Marshall give it a go. Or give it to Paul Verhoeven.

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