[Fantastic Fest ’12] Corey Mitchell’s Mini-Reviews: Day 6 – ‘The King Of Pigs,’ ‘Bring Me The Head Of Machine Gun Woman,’ ‘Berberian Sound Studio,’ & ‘Aftershock’

  • Lonmonster

    Sounds like Aftershock is a bit of a letdown. Still looking forward to it though, been a while since I’ve seen a disaster movie that wasn’t terrible.

  • John Marrone

    Good analogy on the rape scenes in films. They are harder to watch for some people, but like you said, what about all the other deaths… its horror. Not supposed to feel good. Agree with Lonmonster, and I loved Earthquake and Towering Inferno from back in the day. Sounds like it was an “almost” and the story went elsewhere. Earthquake from back in the day is incredible. Will have to watch it again now. Thanks for all the reports.