[Boredom Bytes] The 'Slender' Games, Ghost Rider Strolls Through Liberty City, Conan O'Brien Reviews 'Resident Evil 6' - Bloody Disgusting!

[Boredom Bytes] The ‘Slender’ Games, Ghost Rider Strolls Through Liberty City, Conan O’Brien Reviews ‘Resident Evil 6’

You feel that? That silence? This is the calm before the storm, because right now, we’re on the precipice of total anarchy. You thought last week, which was largely dominated by the Wii U and Steam Greenlight, was busy? Oh, no sir. Next week we have Borderlands 2, a game that’s brimming with guns and wub wub, and Torchlight II, which I’ve already spent a few hours in for my review (look for it next week!), and it’s pretty great so far. Not long after that we have Resident Evil 6, followed by Dishonored, and a slew of other incredible looking titles that are guaranteed to take up all our time. So enjoy this moment, because you’ll soon have one excellent game after another trying to seduce its way into your living room. After the break, I have some pretty fantastic videos for you, including a Slenderman take on The Hunger Games, Ghost Rider’s recent vacation in Liberty City, and Conan O’Brien reviews Resident Evil 6.

I only watched The Hunger Games a few weeks ago and loved it. Forcing kids to kill each other is good fun for the whole family, and really, the only way to make winning formula even better is by injecting a little Slenderman into it. The result is pure magic.

It’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. To me, they’re more simulation games than anything else. I’d rather be encouraged beat down the elderly with a purple dildo bat in Saints Row, or unleash a flurry of punches and kicks Batman-style in Sleeping Dogs than go bowling with my cousin any day. But hey, that’s just me. If GTA IV had been more like this fan-made mod you can see below, I definitely would’ve been more interested in it.

So Conan O’Brien, who’s an unabashed non-gamer, recently reviewed Resident Evil 6, and the results are unsurprisingly hilarious. This is part of a series of video game reviews Conan’s been doing, where he’s reviewed some pretty major titles, including Minecraft (which he wasn’t a big fan of) and Skyrim (he liked that one a little more). They’ve all been pretty funny, but his Resident Evil 6 review really takes the cake.

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    The Slender Games was hilarious lol.