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[OMFG] Watch An Animated Short Created To Pitch Platinum Dunes’ ‘Halloween’ Remake!!

A lot of you guys have no idea how competitive and difficult it is to get hired for a directing gig. It’s kind of like getting a job at Starbucks, only you’re going up against a handful of name directors who spend tens of thousands of dollars creating pitch packs and short videos to land the job. I’ve heard of directors spending $25,000 (and up) of their own money to make a short video showing the producers and financiers of a film what they can do, and what their vision is.

With that said, I’m really excited to share the following video and images created to pitch for Dimension Films’ next Halloween, when Platinum Dunes was aboard to produce (they aren’t anymore). Federico D’Alessandro, the head Storyboard Artist and Animatics Supervisor over at Marvel Studios (who worked on Thor, Captain America, Avengers, as well as Iron Man 3 and Thor 2), contacted us with an animatic video short and some keyframes used to sell himself to Platinum Dunes. I like to pretend what I’m watching is the un-produced Halloween remake.

As a lifelong ‘Halloween’ fan it would be a dream to direct a reboot of the franchise that’s so near and dear to my heart,” said D’Alessandro. “I created this animatic to show the tone and storytelling that I would bring to the project if I were lucky enough to have that chance.” He added: “It turned out pretty cool, but unfortunately while I was in the middle of working on it, talks fell through between Platinum Dunes and the Weinsteins…so I missed the boat on that one.

What do you guys think of the following short and imagery? Would you have been happy to see this as the Halloween re-remake? Would you want to see Dimension and Weinstein Company get behind it?



  • theoceanswillbeasblood

    That was bad-ass. Why not skip the remake and call it something other than Halloween? Michael Myers wasn’t the killer to be institutionalized.

  • Grime

    That was pretty cool but I don’t see how that would help get someone a directing gig.

  • In-The-Shadows

    I think it looks great.
    @Grime – This shows creativity, timing, point of view, etc.

  • djblack1313

    i agree that they should call it something ANYTHING other than HALLOWEEN. also i really dislike that Michael can just walk around in smoke filled on fire rooms with no problem. and that girl cop was really annoying. it’s a cool vid though.

    • MakeThisAMovies

      That was my main take away. This was an awesome vid and could be a great jumping off point for a different horror film, but it didn’t feel right for Halloween.It was cool but indicative of what Platinum Dunes often does. It was a very large (ie expensive) set piece that would be cool to see but doesn’t evoke suspense or terror. Zombie told the story of Michael Myers, the human. That man is dead and what was left behind is the embodiment of evil, The Shape. I want to respect the original while pushing the franchise towards something new and utterly terrifying. Evil is everywhere, lurking behind every corner, and it can not be stopped. Evil truly does never die.

      If you want to see an awesome Halloween, sign the petition. Help me get closer to realizing a vision to please the fans. Help resurrect THE SHAPE! SIGN THE PETITION! Fans unite.

      PS- as Mr. Disgusting stated above it’s nearly impossible to throw your hat into this type of ring. That is why I am fighting for my idea the best I can…planning to shoot the opening scene on a shoestring. It’s nearly impossible to have your voice heard from INSIDE the industry, let alone when you’re on the outside. Help spread the word- Halloween: The New Harvest will be the film you’ve been waiting for.

  • Skullbone

    I think the animated short looks cool. Though is it time to remake Halloween?

  • Blood-Sicles

    Looks pretty badass to me, I’d rather see that than the Rob Zombie version.

  • Seal_Clubber

    Its cool but I don’t understand – why did she pull her gun at the 4:50 mark? She was going up to rescue people in a fire ….

    • EvilHead1981

      Prior to that, when she entered the lobby, you could see her partner on the monitor firing at Michael Myers. She hears the gunshots and pulls out her gun.

      • Seal_Clubber

        Ahh … missed that the first time. Thanks !

  • Mr-Corrosion

    Its NEVER a good time to remake Halloween. It shouldn’t have been done in the first place. And while I like the direction of this short, my first thought was “Why not just make their own film from this?”. Rob Zombie did enough damage to the franchise, leave it alone.

    If Hollywood is bent on doing remakes, why not remake the bad films that have been made rather than trying to replace the classics?

    • djblack1313

      Mr-Corrosion, VERY well said!

      • Chris Hortola

        The People Under The Stairs!!

  • ttop33

    That was a good short but with Platinum Dunes involved the following hour of the movie would involve generic teen characters that no one likes smoking weed, having sex and getting offed. They’d also spend the rest of the movie giving the bad guy a sympathetic back story instead of developing the main characters. I don’t think another remake or a sequel to RZ’s crapfest is going to make any money.

    • divisionbell

      While the original Halloween is incredible, it is just obnoxious teens smoking weed and having sex and getting offed. It just happens to ve an amazing suspense filled horror film as well.

      • ttop33

        The teens may have been doing some of that but they were developed so the audience might actually feel suspense when they were offed.

  • Danny-E

    Add Loomis in the back seat and you have a winner. Cops go up to help, Michael kills them and Loomis watches him drive away in the cop car. Love the fire and chaos. Dialogue needs work.

  • Visually striking.. but i agree.. call it anything else. Make your own icon.. cool opening.. but.. no loomis character? I know its just concept.. but 10% of the movie spent on characters who won’t make it to the opening credits? You NEED to establish Loomis in the opening without question.

    One aspect i thought was a good idea of the zombie remake.. more backstory as Loomis tried to reach him.. as alluded to in the original. The concept art is pretty cool. But like was said above and the hugest problems ive had with the horror reboots. I have ZERO interest in seeing anyone alive at the end.. at least with the others they had characters maybe not liked or loved.. but didn’t actively despise.

  • EvilHead1981

    I agree with ttop33, pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as PD’s is concerned.

    I also agree with eveyrbody else, this would’ve been better as an original slasher. Fuck knows we need more original horror icons nowadays. Like I say, each generation has been really great at contributing to “horror icons”, since back in the day with the old Universal monsters, up to the 90s. Then, the generation to follow basically got a boner for “their own takes on classic icons” and pretend that their “re-envision” counts as a contribution. It doesn’t. Michael Myers and Leatherface will always be the contributions of the 70s, and Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead and Chucky will always be icons of the 80s. So far, the only REAL icon modern horror has given us is Jigsaw. Other than him, there really hasn’t been any “rockstars of horror” as of late like Freddy, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Ghostface and such. There SHOULD be, though. There’s no excuse. And anything that, at least, tries to establish a new horror icon, is always welcome(even if it turns out to be a massive fail, like Venom, Chain Letter and such). I’d actually love this decade to give us a slew of new iconic horror characters. THAT would be awesome. That’s not gonna happen when you have people toting around second-hand icons as their own.

  • that was pretty good!

  • Danny-E

    Why is everyone so down on remakes and reboots. They have been making Vampire/dracula movies since 1922. Nobody is moaning about that. Stop bitching and complaining and let’s have more Michael Myers movies. There is room for everything. I would love to see someone else’s take on Michael.

  • Lionel-Cosgrove

    Give this guy the job for God sakes! It’s better then most produced horror films these days. If you can’t get the gig doing something this amazing, I don’t know what chance any of us have.

  • I wonder why no one has ever explored Michael Myers outside of Haddonfield. What would be the ramifications for law enforcement across the country in the aftermath of the original series. A country gripped with fear not knowing where Myers is, what his motivations are, and will he ever be stopped.

  • DexterAHS

    Twilight poster in the background in the first pic…ugh. Anyways, thought the clip was really good. I’m on the fence. If done right then maybe a remake and on the other hand, making it a new villain and movie would be really cool too.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That was fucking amazing! Damn it, somebody get this guy on the reboot right now!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    That short video was better than Rob Zombie’s entire remake.

  • Someone may have already said it, but I would make it so that after Myers injures the first cop, he picks up his mask and uses it. That would make it a little more believable that he is in a smoke filled building and also add to the “mask wearing killer / we never see his face” gimmick.

  • Ivan_Mtl

    I really enjoyed the video pitch and would definitely want to see more. This would make for an interesting movie regardless if it was a Halloween remake or not. In fact, I would probably prefer that it be an entirely original concept. The movie could begin with this scene, and then you could have a mystery unfold as to who is responsible for the deaths during the fire. After checking the identities of the bodies and survivors against a list of patients in the sanitarium, the investigators could be baffled as to who the killer is that is responsible for the deaths. As the death toll mounts in the small town of Smith’s Grove (keep the name as a nod to Halloween), you could eventually reveal that it was one of the doctors and not a patient who is committing the murders. If you wanted to ground it in realism, the doctor could have just gone nuts from his years working at the asylum, but if you wanted a more “supernatural” element, you could take the Michael Myers route and leave it unexplained (to suggest he was like a “bogeyman/demon” that rose from the pits of hell during the fire at the sanitaium). Whatever the case, I think this guy has the chops to direct a horror movie (no pun intended).


    not bad

  • I’m not really liking the cop characters… Still overall i really, really like it.Though, It might look great, but it’s still Platinum Dunes who would have produced it and they are evil.

  • bmac0130

    pretty good, nice start. I definitely love the still images! the cemetary scene and the teen head stills are awesome. Listen, it doesnt have to be a remake or a sequel. Just a story like the original. We just wanna see michael as the shape, his original pure evil character. this doesnt have to be complex. Give us the shape and a decent story and we will love it!!!! BUT DON’T HALF ASS IT!

  • mistyfoe

    Look, I quite liked Robs version (the first one anyway, the 2nd one was too unrealistic and cliché) while the original was great too. That video is ok but i dont really see it going into a proper movie or anything like that. They should either leave it and keep their money for something that could be remade into something great or just leave it how it is. This situation reminds me too much of Leatherfaces case.

  • There should be a law that remakes can only be made one every 30 years. Shit! Wasn’t Halloween redone by Zombie last month? Hollywood is fucking dead!

  • DisturbedPixie

    I thought it was very chilling and creepy once she got inside the building. I agree that she was a little annoying at first, and Michael shouldn’t be able to breathe in there, but otherwise it was well done. I wish he would create something with this sort of style involved. The blood on the mask in the first person point of view shots were very well done.

  • Baphochrist

    I think I’m among the few not blown away by this.Number one it didn’t feel like Halloween or even that much of an atmospheric slasher film. It felt like a Resident Evil video game or something. The characters were pretty annoying. To be honest this truly felt like Platinum Dunes: action over suspense/horror, no atmosphere, overblown, overly slick-glossy. I’m GLAD this isn’t getting made into a full film.

  • DJ Jarak

    That kicks ass. I wanna see more.

  • HorrorHead

    Very well made, however, whats the point of having 2 charcters playing such an intergral part if their just gonna get snuffed out?, kinda defeats the objective for me. If i had the money to back a new Halloween movie and i needed a director and someone came in and showed me this animation, id of enjoyed it thoroughly, but would be oblivious to what its trying to demonstrate.

    • unisonruss

      Don’t you remember Drew Barrymore in scream? Sometimes offing characters you care about very quickly will shock the audience even more, and leave a very unpredictable feeling the rest of the feature.

      And I like the short! Especially the tail end, very chilling.

  • Alex † Von’Fratt

    I think this is okay, but…I just think Rob Zombie should’ve continued on with the Halloween series. I’m not much of a fan of ‘re-boots’.

  • ragethorn

    It’s so hard watching this and hot unreal it is. This pitch is the best Halloween movie since the sequel in 81. Living proof that Hollywood doesn’t have the best interest of viewers at heart.

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