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Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’ Begins Filming When?

Bloody Disgusting received inside Intel that Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hostel: Part II) is planning on a November shoot for The Green Inferno, his cannibal flick inspired by Italo mondo films like Ruggero Deodato’s notorious 1980 Cannibal Holocaust and Antonio Climati’s 1988 Natura contro (also known as The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust II).

Filming will take place in both Peru and Chile.

Roth penned the screenplay with Guillermo Amoedo. The duo also co-wrote Aftershock, which Dimension Films acquired out of the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

The hotly anticipated horror flick is said to follow a group of New York City student activists who head to the Peruvian amazon where they plan to protest and save un-contacted tribes. As the title implies, it sounds as if this tribe has a taste for flesh…



  • djblack1313

    am i missing something? so WHEN does it start filming? you didn’t put that in your article.

    • theodds22

      “planning on a November shoot for The Green Inferno” there you go

      • djblack1313

        theodds22, i appreciate you saying that. Mr. D, went back and fixed his mistake. the “November shoot” WAS NOT there this morning.

  • EvilHead1981

    I find it funny that the hippie activists are trying to save the very tribe that’s probably going to eat them up.

  • xAshleyMariex

    im curious to see how this will turn out, ill probably love it considering im a big fan of Eli Roth and Cannibal Holocaust

  • vmackey

    FINALLY he starts working again. Well it’s was about time.

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