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Like Reading? And Werewolves? You Might Wanna Give “Feral” A Try!


As a blogger and all around online presence, Matt Serafini definitely knows his sh*t when it comes to horror. I occasionally butt heads with him for liking something I don’t (or vice versa), but he’s certainly done his homework on the genre and is someone I respect.

And he’s got his first book out! “Feral” is available on the Amazon Kindle store (with a physical publication in the coming weeks) for only $4.99. And if you’re feeling tender about even that low of a price, you can always check out a sample chapter! I haven’t had a chance to read it but am certainly looking forward to doing so when I get a moment.

In the book, “It was supposed to be an idyllic summer vacation for college friends Jack Markle and Allen Taylor. But they didn’t know about the evil lurking in the resort town of Greifsfield. When Allen falls under the influence of insidious beauty Elisabeth Luna, Jack begins to realize that sinister forces are at work all around him. And now he’s fighting to save his friends from an age-old evil he never believed could exist.

Even if it kills him.