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Dark Horse Offers A Free Digital Issue Of ‘The Goon’

Dark Horse Comics is offering up a free digital issue of Eric Powell’s The Goon in an effort to promote the recent ongoing status of the series. Brian K. Vaughn says of “The Goon”, “At its heart, the book is about a dark man with a broken heart who realizes that all we have in this wretched world are our friends . . . and we’re probably gonna take them down with us. That right there is the kind of horror that’s way scarier than zombie priests or mad scientists or even bog lurks. Because it’s The Truth.” Any books that’s good enough for BKV, should be good enough for you.

Head over the Dark Horse Comics, sign up for a free digital account, and start reading.

“The Goon” #39 brilliantly satirizes the all-too-common superhero reboot trend that’s been running rampant over the past year. This series is packed with monsters, ghouls, dark comedy, and fantastic artwork. Try out it out, it’s free!



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