The Zombie In This New 'Black Ops II' Trailer Has Beautiful Blue Eyes - Bloody Disgusting
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The Zombie In This New ‘Black Ops II’ Trailer Has Beautiful Blue Eyes



Developer Treyarch’s half of the Call of Duty franchise is great, but it’s the zombie modes that really keep me coming back. They’ve proven they’re willing to take risks, both creatively and with the scale of what started off as a fun little nazi zombie mode in World at War. Then Black Ops came along and made everything bigger and better by expanding on the size of the levels and even going so far as to add George Romero, Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead), Danny Trejo (Machete), Buffy (the vampire slayer) and Freddy Kreuger — and that was just one map. It sounds like they’re not slowing things down with Black Ops II, because this time around the zombie mode is getting its own campaign and eight player co-op. If all that doesn’t get you excited, maybe the teaser I have waiting for you after the jump will.

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