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Watch The Entire Ride Through Of Knott’s ‘Evil Dead’ Log Ride NOW!!



For their annual Knott’s Scary Farm event, the Timber Mountain Log Ride has been transformed into The Evil Dead bringing passengers through the cabin in the woods and outside where Ash and his chainsaw hand make cameo appearances. The event is now underway in California where fans are tweeting thoughts, while also uploading pics and videos. Inside you’ll find two videos of the entire ride through (one with Infrared NightVision!), along with an exterior shot. Here are some tweets:

Rochelle Davis (@RochelleLeeD): “So far #EvilDead log ride has been my favorite…. Ghost Town SUCKS this year! @knotts #ScaryFarm”

Theme Park Talk (@Themeparktalk): “Time to check out The Evil Dead Log Ride @knotts #ScaryFarm -Josh Q”

shannymonster (@shannymonster): “Did Fallout Shelter a second time- scare actors still on point! Pixie stix for all! Evil Dead- disappointed @knotts #40thHaunt”

Angela Archer (@ArcherAngela): “@knotts What a FUN magical night, thanks! My fav ride is ‘Evil Dead at Log Ride'”

Evil Dead – Man, I was SO excited for this. I LOVE the series and was hoping for an all-out spectacle. Nope. It seemed so rushed and quickly put together last-minute. It was cool seeing some scenes from the movie, but really, come on. You have SO much to work with in that area and Knott’s completely missed it. We counted two actors, including Ash. Major disappointment. I hope it’s more well thought-out in the future.” – Source

ThingsToDoInlandEmpire writes: “Based on the 2013 upcoming remake “The Evil Dead”, you climb into your boat and are taken through a cabin in the woods. You’re supposed to be discovering the secrets of the “Book of the Dead”, but frankly I was too busy ducking to avoid the monsters (which come at you in ALL directions!) to pay attention to the plot. There are so many dark corners where monsters can hide, and at some points you’re even in complete darkness! If this sounds like something you want to do, try to head over early because the line forms fast and remains long all night.“


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